• Cavia porcellus

    Let me take a peek into your nutshell of 2015. You can talk about the wiki and real life.

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  • Cavia porcellus

    I earned the 10,000 mainspace edits badge. And that's it. I have nothing more to say. I just felt like posting this blog as if a number with zeroes is more significant than any other (it isn't).

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  • Cavia porcellus

    I have redesigned some templates.

    July 29 update: I see that there are users who want to make changes to them, but I have perhaps denied them of that. As of now, I am not responsible for any future changes to these templates not made by me, which can be viewed in their page history. Additionally, I will not keep reverting them back to the original, so it's up to you whether you want them different or not.


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  • Cavia porcellus

    My take on the rebalancing almost everyone has done at some point. Note that while my plants and zombies will be in proper order, I will skip some of them to do other ones, but I will hopefully add all in the end. I will naturally skip plants with no need for rebalancing, but I will only announce this in the end. As a final point, I might add further buffs/nerfs to already listed plants, so don't judge immediately.

    -25 sun cost
    Has a random chance to produce 75 sun

    Produces 200 sun instead of 150 sun (Plant Food effect)

    Takes 2 seconds less to arm

    Targets two strongest zombies or zombie groups (Plant Food effect)

    -25 sun cost
    Hits a third of all zombies instead of three zombies

    Boomerang damage changed from 1nds to 1.5nds
    Shoots 20 boomerangs in f…

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  • Cavia porcellus

    Welcome the seventh edition of the unofficial Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News! We lasted long enough - this is the first newsless week regarding Plants vs. Zombies news. PopCap didn't even release a trailer for the next update...

    ThePurplePi announced his retirement/WikiBreak until he is free from school. Additionally, ZombieNinja723 has demoted himself and will most likely retire.

    Last week worried me. Thankfully, we're back on the right track with billions of discussions (and great thing since the other news section is lacking):

    • Something about the conjectural template I don't (bother to) understand
    • Wikiman vs. Swore- (2015) #69 (limited edition)
    • Wikiman vs. Swore-lores (2015) #70 (regular edition)
    • How much posts should a thread have at maximum?
    • Tagg…

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