There would Be a Last Stand 2.

You get 12500 sun before you start the onslaught (Although, the maximum number of sun is 9990)

Takes Place in the Fog level.( and Planterns aren't allowed but Blover is)

Has 15 Flags

There will be more kinds of Zombies:


Jack-In-The-Box Zombie

Buckethead Zombies ( replacing Conehead Zombies )

Ducky Tube Zombies

Balloon Zombies



Bungee Zombie

Catapult Zombie


Dolphin Rider Zombie

Football Zombie

Giga-Football Zombie ( If Possible)

Zombie Yeti

Ladder Zombie

Screen Door Zombie

Newspaper Zombie

Imps and Its Giga Form

Snorkel Zombie

Zombie Bobsled Team

This Looks fun instead of hard to me! Because the longer and Harder the Game, the Funner it gets!

So what Do you think?