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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERES THE IMP?

Where is it!? where is it!? where is it!? OAO

The imp page has gone from full faqs to blank nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? *o*

I hate em vandals! I hate em! I hate em! I hate em! The are so !@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!! \_/

Sorry...... To much temper........

The last people i heard to edit it was Hardinero but i won't blame him since i don't have proof. u_u

I really like the imp because it really helps me in I,Zombie even if it doesn't last long. Y_Y

I just feel lonely without the imp around..I really do. o_o

Please help restore the page...... I forgot every single faqs about the imps *_*

I still feel !@#$%^in mad about who deleted it! Could it spread to other pages? OMG This is like doom To me You Know!!???!! >^<

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