Great news, everyone! We've hit 4,444 pages on the Wiki! Congrats!

Why's 4,444 so awesome? Well:

  • It has as many digits as it says it has; with 4 digits for 4,444. This won't come around again until we reach 55,555 pages, with 5 digits for 55,555; so celebrate while you can!
  • It has the same digit all around, with all 4s!
  • It's super satisfying to look at to see all those 4s in a row, and really cool, okay?
  • ...and most amusingly, you can now state the wiki pages are a dog. Why, you ask? It's got all 4s.

The page was Vimpire/Gallery, and it was created by user Newspaper Zombie! Congrats to him for making the 4,444th page!

This announcement is not too major, but we've hardly celebrated these sorts of silly milestones in awhile, so I feel we should take the time to appreciate these oft-ignored little achievements we've made as a community!

~ CHU-TENG [Camwood777] TONG-NOU ~ 17:11, March 4, 2017 (UTC)