Remaining contestants:

  • Plantern: Me
  • Bowling Bulb: Randomzsunfish23901
  • Puff-shroom: NightFury/ Me
  • Dandelion: TheZombiemelon
  • Tea Leaf: HeavenlyMildCone
  • Carrot Misile Truck: The Zombie O.O

Eliminated contestants


  • Label: The Terrorist.
  • Team(s): Nuclear-shrooms.
  • Friends: N/A
  • Enemies: Artislash, Boarba Fett, Bowling Bulb, Cactus, Carrot Misile Truck, Dandelion, Infi-nut, Plantern, Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Sweet Pea, Tea Leaf, Tile Turnip.
  • Eliminated: Toxic Bobsled Challenge.
  • Rank: 13th  
  • Played by: I am a Repeater.
  • Reason of elimination: He tried to blow up the island, being automatically eliminated.


* Label: The Jock-ette

* Team: Toxic Cheetos

* Friends: N/A

* Enemies: Dandelion, Spikerock.

* Eliminated: Sub-aquatic Challenge

* Rank: 12th

* Player by: TheGreenGamer

* Reason for elimination: Due to health problems, after Dandelion stuffed her on a swimsuit with CO², she left the competition.


  • Label: The Holographic Silent Genius
  • Team: Nuclear-shrooms
  • Friends: Tea Leaf
  • Enemies: Carrot Misile Truck, Spikerock.
  • Eliminated: Nuclear Waste/Rescue of Ghost Pepper Challenge
  • Rank: 11th
  • Played by: Ninja Penguins
  • Reason for elimination: Carrot Misile Truck saw his intelligence as a threat, convincing everyone to vote off him.

Sweet Pea

  • Label: The Sweet Chatterbox
  • Team: Nuclear-shrooms
  • Friends: Artislash, Tile Turnip
  • Enemies: Plantern, Spikerock.
  • Eliminated: Garden Warfare Challenge
  • Rank: 10th
  • Played by: Pizzachu
  • Reason for elimination: She costed the challenge for her team.


  • Label: The Fame Addict
  • Team: Nuclear-shrooms, Toxic Cheetos
  • Relationship: Tile Turnip
  • Friends: Tile Turnip
  • Enemies: Artislash, Boarba Fett, Cactus, Carrot Misile Truck, Plantern, Spikerock.
  • Eliminated: Ocean Raft Challenge
  • Rank: 8th/9th
  • Played by: Tenoch of war
  • Reason for elimination: She mutated and lost on the challenge, being voted off as a result.

Tile Turnip

  • Label: The Futuristic Gamer
  • Team: Nuclear-shrooms
  • Friends: Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Tea Leaf
  • Enemies: Artislash, Bloomerang, Cactus, Spikerock.
  • Eliminated: Ocean Raft Challenge
  • Rank: 8th/9th
  • Played by: Dat Plants Who Destroys
  • Reason for elimination: He, along with Sun-shroom, costed the challenge for their teams, althrough his team won, he was disqualified.


  • Label: The Chinese Soldier
  • Team: Nuclear-shrooms
  • Friends: Sweet Pea
  • Enemies: Carrot Misile Truck, Plantern, Spikerock, Sun-shroom, Tile Turnip
  • Eliminated: Surf Challenge
  • Rank: 7th
  • Played by: Itsleo20
  • Reason for elimination: He didn't know how to surf, eventually getting himself eliminated.


  • Label: The Bubble Boy
  • Team: Toxic Cheetos
  • Friends: Plantern, Tea Leaf
  • Enemies: Carrot Misile Truck
  • Eliminated: Suburbination Challenge
  • Rank: 6th
  • Played by: Everyone but NightFury299
  • Reason for elimination: Got stucked on a trap, being automatically eliminated.