Ancient China will take place at the 2000 b.C

Special gimmick: 

Ying Yang: On the corner, will appear the Ying Yang symbol, if the white part is up, then the stage will be normal; but if the black part is up, will be a night stage, so the suns wouldn't fall from the sky.


Tea. Traps zombies, throwing them at the start, dealing medium damage in the process.

Unlocked on AC Day 1

Sun cost: 200 sun 

Recharge: Fast

PF: Traps all zombies near it, throwing them off the screen.

Fire Gourd. Tap on the Fire Gourd to shoot an fiery attack.

Unlocked on AC Day 4

Sun cost: 200 sun

Recharge: Mediocre

PF: Breathes fire that deals 90 damage to all zombies on range.

Scaredy Shroom. Shoots spores from far, but hides when the enemy gets close.

Unlocked on AC Day 6

Sun cost: 75 sun

Recharge: Fast

PF: Shoots 120 spores, and doesn't hides anymore. If there are hiden Scaredy Shrooms, they will have a PF effect as well.

Rice Cannon. Fires explosive rice seeds that deal heavy damage.

Unlocked on AC Day 9

Sun cost: 350 sun

Recharge: Sluggish

PF: Lobs explosive seeds at every lane.

Berry Pult: Lobs different projectiles; a pink berry that deals normal damage, a purple berry that stuns the enemy, and a blueberry that deals heavy damage.

Unlocked on AC Day 12

Sun cost: 425 sun

Recharge: Fast

PF: Lobs every type of berries at the zombies*

Roto-Shroom. Digs itself on the ground, damaging zombies twice.

Unlocked on AC Day 16

Sun cost: 175 sun

Recharge: Fast

PF: Hits all zombies, tossing the last zombie on the column.

Onion Bomb. Can make the zombies in a 3x3 area disperse to another line after exploding. 

Unlocked on AC Day 20

Sun cost: 150 sun

Recharge: Very Slow

Heavenly Peach. Heals plants in a 3x3 area around It.

Unlocked on AC Day 24

Sun cost: 125 sun

Recharge: Mediocre

PF: Makes all plants in it's area inmune to every attack.


Doom Shroom. Destroys all zombies in a large idea, but leaves a crater which can't be planted on.

Sun Cost: 175 sun

Recharge: Very Slow.

More coming soon!