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aka Blueprint Bee

  • I live in Fortnite Island
  • My occupation is Wearing Headphones
  • I am a mediocre gamer
  • Buzzy Buzz


    April 10, 2018 by Buzzy Buzz

    So, been busy with real-life activities, school stuff and so on.

    Now back :P

    I don't play PvZ titles much currently, still sometimes I play PvZ2 and PvZ GW2.

    Whatever, Waiting for GW3 if there's one.

    Also, leave your Origin ID and Epic Games ID in the comments. We'll play sometime. :)

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  • Buzzy Buzz

    A special day for me

    July 26, 2015 by Buzzy Buzz

    Today, is my birthday! And my Wikiversary too! :D

    I may be becoming quite inactive due to RL, but I won't go on a break from the wiki I think.:)

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  • Buzzy Buzz

    Ask Buzzy

    June 30, 2015 by Buzzy Buzz

    Ask me anything, I'll answer them in comments :D

    ANYTHING! :D even about rotobagas

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  • Buzzy Buzz

    It is possible to hack marigold in the game by the easiest way!

    Needed :Hxd Hex Editor, OBB file.

    Search(Ctrl + F) for "Egypt Zomboss" without quotes.

    replace "repeater" with "marigold" in the text.

    Open game and use Marigold!!

    we can also repace a zombot.

    the code names of zombots are






    replacing a zombot can make a Dark Dragon appear in Egypt or Plank Walker in the future!!

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