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Party '99 Desc: WOOHOO, join the party as we go back to 1999 and party with the best plants from the 19th century, manipulate the pre-planted fireworks cuz these millenium party zombies are bound to want some snacks!

+12 plants

+12 zombies

+1 upgrade

+1 world key

+24 levels

+1 boss battle

53 New Items!




They appear at the start of the level, blocking tiles for planting, only fire attacks can trigger them and allows you to attack zombies using them, they can also randomly fall to the lawn, player controlled fireworks deals 90 nds in a 3x3 area to zombies, ambush fireworks deals 75 nds in a 3x3 area to plants AND zombies, so becareful and remember that they can react to strong winds

Ambush: Launching Time

3-5 fireworks imps fall to the lawn along with a few fireworks, they can react to strong winds



Sun cost: 75

Recharge: Mediocre

Produces twice the sun as a Sun-shroom!

unlocked after P'99 Night 1

"Moon-Shroom loves stargazing. She finds many new stars, galaxies, even solar system. But the one thing that she really want is to go to one of the galaxies one day, it's inspiring. But for now, she'll be here, waiting for her chance"


Sun cost: 275

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Slow

Creates free mushroom seed packets, 25% chance for them to be boosted

unlocked after P'99 Night 3

"When other plants produce raw material, Shroom-bloom thinks BIG! He's planning to create plants, the others think he's crazy, thinking that he has his head in the clouds. But now, he can create more than just raw material. Just sad he can only create mushrooms for now"


Sun cost: 75

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Mediocre

Adds an extra 5% to the sun shovel refund, effects stack

unlocked after P'99 Night 5

"Keeping things in count and making sure they're always there. Yeah, that's Kale-culator's day job. After years of boring work behind the desk he's finally out in the battlefield, sure sometimes he have regrets, but being chewed by zombies and signing "Sun Refund" contracts is definitely better than his old job"

4.Cash-in Fruit

Sun cost: 100

Recharge: Sluggish

Infects the zombie that eats her, the zombie drops 1 silver/gold coin every 5 nds the zombie takes

unlocked after P'99 Night 7

"Back in the days, everything was cheaper, Cash-In Fruit had this sweet gig creating money for the whole Suburbia with Marigold, don't worry, she's licensed. But now what with the rise and fall of monetary value, Dollar to Euro type things and etc, she decided to retire. It was great, but then the plants needed her. Now she's back creating money with Marigold, funding the battle all the way"

5.24 Carrot

Sun cost: 250

Damage: Moderate

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Mediocre

Lobs gold nuggets which deals 2 nds and zombies hit by this plant will drop coins and sometimes gems

unlocked after P'99 Night 9

"Everyone envies 24 Carrot, living a luxurious life, owning 10 mansion, 5 yacths, 3 private islands and more, he loves helping other plants in need. But everyone sees this the wrong way and looks at it as an opportunity to boost popularity. "when your life is covered in gold and jewelry, it's better to sit down and just wait for the moment where no one can misunderstand you" said 24 Carrot"


Sun cost: 175

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Mediocre

An Infi-nut that can connect to each other to heal faster, immune to projectiles

unlocked after P'99 Night 11

"Looked upon by the science community in the '99s, Inter-Nut really doesn't mind the attention. That is, until they started to go over the line and start putting viruses in her system, it was a good thing that Infi-Nut came to her rescue. He taught her how to deal with system breaking things and the concept of connection, rumors now spread that Infi-Nut and Inter-Nut are dating, even though she denies it, she can't hide it forever"

7.Jewel Berry

Sun cost: 100

Recharge: Slow

Infects the zombie that eats her, the zombie drops 1 gem every 10 nds the zombie takes

unlocked after P'99 Night 13

"Most plants nowadays love to accessorise, some plants use glasses, masks, even mustaches, but Jewel Berry likes a little "clean" look from time to time. Plants call her old-school for being nostalgic, but truth be told, she's  already wearing accessories, the others just don't know it"


Sun cost: 125

Damage: Normal

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Shoots seeds that inflicts random effects

unlocked after P'99 Night 15

"jackfruit is such a jester. His goofy antics and crazy jokes always brighten anyone's day, they either laugh with you or laugh at you. Jackfruit can always make sure it happens"

9.Elastic Pea

Sun cost: 125

Damage: Light

Range: Multi-Lane

Recharge: Mediocre

Shoots rubber peas that bounces to other zombies

unlocked after P'99 Night 17

"Bouncing is in Elastic Pea's nature, seriously. He's made of rubber. The other plants think that being made of rubber is only good on the battlefield, but in reality, being made of rubber actually gets things done easier, makes you more flexible and the scientific immunity to electricity. Yeah, Elastic Pea's life is a good one"


Sun cost: 125

Damage: Normal

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Shoots tornado peas that blows back zombies 1/2 a tile

unlocked after P'99 Night 19

"Windmill and his kind have been powering Suburbia for ages and are still powering us today. Though there's some tough competition, Windmill is let in on a little secret by the Suburbia Mayor. If 1 power plant is shut down, the whole city will have less power and Suburbia will collapse. With that in mind, he constantly ignores the threats the other plants make. Just fake it till you make it"

11.Millenium Bulb

Sun cost: 2000

Damage: Massive

Range: Full Board

Recharge: Very Slow

Sleep Time: 20 Sec

Brings down a technological armageddon when tapped, then sleeps for 20 seconds

unlocked after P'99 Night 21

"Millenium Bulb lives a life filled with rumors the others make, they say "Millenium Bulb will make your device crash" or "Careful, that bulb can erase your mind" and they get more ridicolous and outrageous everyday. But Millenium Bub doesn't care, why? he actually can do those things..."


Sun cost: 375

Damage: Massive

Area: 3x3

Recharge: Mediocre

Fireworks Reload: 25 Sec

Launches fireworks to 3 adjacent lane when tapped, each fireworks deals massive damage in a 3x3 area, recharges for 45 sec in between shots

unlocked after P'99 Night 23

"Every year, on a special holiday, Flower-works is always there to be the life of the party, she brought special numeric fireworks on New Year's Eve, heart fireworks on Valentine's Day, even a "stars and stripes" fireworks on 4th Of July. Some plants say she's a bit too wild with her pyrotechnics, but she thinks it's just the right amount of wild"

Plant Food:

1.Moon-Shroom: Creates 325 suns

2.Shroom-bloom: Creates 3 boosted mushroom seed packets

3.Kale-culator: Gets an armour and adds an extra 25% as long as the armour is intact

4.Cash-in Fruit: Becomes Golden, the zombie that eats it will explode and drop 1 gold coin/5 HP

5.24 Carrot: Launches 24 Medium sized gold bars that deas 7.5 nds each, zombies killed by the gold bars drop 3 gold coins each

6.Inter-Nut: Creates a silver coloured forcefield that is invurnurable to projectiles, lasers will simply stop at the forcefield, all Inter-nuts onscreen heals to full health

7.Jewel Berry: Gets a diamond armor that has a very high toughness and drops 1 gem/5 ndb dealt to the armor, the zombie that eats it drops 25 gems regardless the health points

8.Jackfruit: Spins rapidly and shoots seeds for 5 seconds

9.Elastic Pea: Shoots 100 rubber peas

10.Windmill: Shoots 75 tornado peas

11.Millenium Bulb: Drops an airplane on the lawn, no sleep

12.Flower-works: Launches 15 fireworks to all zombies onscreen, instant reload


1.90's male zombie-Night 1

2.90's conehead-Night 1

3.90's buckethead-Night 1

4.90's female zombie-Night 8

5.90's female conehead-Night 8

6.90's female buckethead-Night 8

7.New Year's Gargantuar-Night 12

His fireworks staff makes an explosion in a 3x3 area when smashing something, Gargantuar stats

8.Fireworks Imp-Night 12

Launched via Garg or ambush, either way, he explodes in a 3x3 area, 10 seconds after landing, can only take 5 nds but has the speed of a chicken, good thing the Garg launches the Imp backwards...

9.Confetti zombie-Night 14

Blasts confetti at plants, blinding them for 10 sec, affects a 3x3 area, stops to admire the confetti afterwards for 7 sec, blover or hurrikale can counter, average toughness, hungry speed

10.News zombie-Night 16

Plants hate the news, this zombie's TV attracts all projectiles in 3 adjacent lanes, magnet-shrooms not recommended, machined toughness, creeper speed

11.Fireworks launcher zombie-Night 20

Launches fireworks at plants, each fireworks deals 2.5 ndb in a 3x3 area, flower pots are not affected, blovers and hurrikales can counter the fireworks, non moving, comes to the lawn like an imp cannon, dense tougness

12.Ball drop zombie-Night 23

Drops a 2000 new year's ball at the first plant it meets, then carries on, toughness and speed (with ball) machined and creeper, (without ball) dense and basic


Zombot Millenium Basher-Night 25

A Party wrecker of the year 1999

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Special: Launches Fireworks that deal an insta-kill damage to plants and zombies

Special: Confetti blasts decimate 2 whole lanes of plants and zombies, oh come on it's paper!

Upgrade: Firework Lawnmower Upgrade-Night 24

All worlds' lawnmowers constantly explode in a 3x3 area everytime they meet a zombie, but only self-destructs when it reaches the end of the lane

Endless Zone: Millenium Mayhem

You start with Sun-shroom, Puff-shroom, Peashooter, and Infi-Nut

Vasebreaker Challenge: 1999 Challenge Pack

1.Hole In One

Plants: Millenium Bulb, Kale-Culator

Zombies: Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Zombie Chicken, 90's Conehead

2.Spiked Wall

Plants: Windmill, Jackfruit, Endurian

Zombies: Confetti zombie, 90's Buckethead

3.Cold Hard Cash

Plants: Winter Melon, 24 Carrot, Cash-in Fruit, Jewel Berry, Tall-nut

Zombies: News Zombie

Achievements: 6 New Achievements


Defeat the New Year's Gargantuar and get his world key

2.Colorless Nights

Finish a Party '99 level without triggering any fireworks

3.Out To Launch

Defeat a Fireworks launcher zombie using a Banana Launcher or a Flowerworks

4.Have A Ball

Defeat a Ball drop zombie while it still has it's ball

5.Happy New Year!

Defeat the Zombot Millenium Basher

6.One 1-Triple 9 Break Code

Complete The 1999 Challenge Pack