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Crazy Screenshots In PvZ2!

Okay, i can't make a gallery on my userpage, so this is the next best alternative!


Here's my random strategy involving Pepper-pults and Fire Peashooters

FC-Day 12 Fire Ice Strat (1)

Here's my radical strategy for FC-Day 12, and it actually works!

FC-Day 12 Fire Ice Strat (2)

Same as above, only at the final wave

FC-Day 12 Fire Ice Strat (End)

Told'ya it worked, also, no PF bought, dig up no-leaf Chard Guards and replace, the sun shovel helps

Let's Rotate

A LOT of Rotobagas...

Playing Checkers

Less Rotobagas in a checkered pattern

Multi-Directional (2)

Kids would love these fruits and veggies...


Same as above, level finished!


Global Warming, lol

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