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  • Bubblefan123

    This is a list of Potted Plants available in the RPG i'm in charge of, not much to look into as this will be expanded randomly

    Since Potted Plants only have 1 ability, i'm gonna organize them by ability

    And this is the list of potted plants, at level 1, just so y'know


    • Lightning Reed (Electric/Energy)

    Group Attack:

    ZZzap!: 10 damage to all enemies, 30 damage to all enemies when underwater

    • Snow Pea (Ice)

    Effect Attack:

    Slush Shot: 10 damage to target, target's melee attacks deal 50% less damage for 2 turns

    • Angel Trumpet (Air/Dark/Light) (Potted Plant)

    Effect attack:

    Final Calling: 30 damage to target, if target is K.Oed, target gets hypnotized for 2 turns, then K.O, no loot is dropped

    • Scorchwood (Fire/Dark) (Potted Plant)

    Debuff Attack:

    Flame Cann…

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  • Bubblefan123



    User: IMCR8Z

    Plant: Tile Turnip

    Primary Class: Scientist

    Secondary Class: N/A

    Group Attack

    Future Surge: Throws out a musical shockwave that deals 45 damage to all enemies at once. Stun enemies if they have less than 25% their max hp.

    Supportive Attack

    Cray-Z Tiles: Place one of several very special Power Tiles underneath an enemy for various random and harmful effects.

    List of tiles:

    • Ice Tile: deal 45 damage to target. 15% chance to stun.
    • Fire Tile: deals 45 damage plus 15 as burn for 3 turns.
    • Toxic Tile: deals 35 damage to all enemies. Targets also take 30 damage as poison for 3 turns.
    • Electric Tile: deal 50 damage. 5% chance of stunning the t…

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  • Bubblefan123

    Placeholder N' Stuff

    August 27, 2015 by Bubblefan123
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  • Bubblefan123



    Another blog, this time, it's mainly plant ideas

    1.BreezeBerry-2 Leaf (Breeze)

    Sun Cost: 0

    Area: 3 Lanes

    Recharge: Instant

    BreezeBerries blows away flying zombies in 3 adjacent lanes

    Usage: single use, instant
    Special: blows away flying zombies in nearby lanes

    "She's the youngest of the blover family and she respects blover, he started this whole family, she's really a huge fan, but this relationship is one-sided, blover thinks she (desperately) needs to get a friend that's not him, and is as crazy as she is..."

    2.Blover-3 Leaf (Wind)

    Sun Cost: 50

    Area: Full Board

    Recharge: Fast

    Blovers blow away all zombies in the air

    Usage: single use, instant
    Special: blows away flying zombies

    "The luckiest stunt clover around, Blove…

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  • Bubblefan123

    Okay, this is my idea blog, i like to let my ideas pour out, so here it is

    Party '99 Desc: WOOHOO, join the party as we go back to 1999 and party with the best plants from the 19th century, manipulate the pre-planted fireworks cuz these millenium party zombies are bound to want some snacks!

    +12 plants

    +12 zombies

    +1 upgrade

    +1 world key

    +24 levels

    +1 boss battle

    53 New Items!




    They appear at the start of the level, blocking tiles for planting, only fire attacks can trigger them and allows you to attack zombies using them, they can also randomly fall to the lawn, player controlled fireworks deals 90 nds in a 3x3 area to zombies, ambush fireworks deals 75 nds in a 3x3 area to plants AND zombies, so becareful and remember that…

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