Hey guys

I'm gonna be making a Fanfiction (or a story) on PvZ DA. I hope you enjoy and tell me what era to do next.

Fanfic time

Nights in the Dark Ages,  The mushrooms defended their home as a castle . There would be one with the growth and sun. A tiny one acting as a pawn in this game of chess but instead, in a world of hurt and fear. Another that can blow bubbles hitting the evil jesters with their magic speed, and one with the warmest heart creating the bit of light we need from our enemies. one with last being a warrior that can control the forces of metal with magic. These warriors defended their castle every night.

During one of those nights, an RV came out of nowhere hitting the ground. The Mushrooms were gonna attack but the operator was peaceful and so was his assistant along with a friend The mushrooms were helped and supported by this group with plants never before seen.  One that shoots a beam of magic from its pupil doing a better job then their knight, Fume-Shroom. One that shoots boomerangs from its head and come back to it,  and one with the height of a giant but just taking the damage for the fellow knights. It was explained that these fellow warriors are from different eras in time. something about a crazy man talking about the world being round. As we were seeing our new visitors, we saw a certain warrior who looked like us. He had hypnotic powers beyond our imagination and was very quiet. 

We fought a battle in another night, During one of those nights, A monstrous beast with a tiny companion on his back, entered our domain. Luckily, this person and his magical plants used more then we could imagine to slay the beast. It wasn't easy though. Our warriors fought in this battle along with other ones with amazing power. We fought with our two warriors, The tiny one and The one that brings jesters to their end. Along with them, we had help from our  supporters. We were given a round one who blocks intruders until its death. We also had a small one who burrowed themselves in the ground and waited for its prey. and last but not least, there was one who swallowed the rocky graves that got in our way of stopping the evil zombies. Afterwards, The beast was killed along with his tiny companion. We won the battle but we haven't won the war yet.

On one night in the later ones, there was one where there were no zombies seen but instead, greeted by a troubling horror. There was a metallic dragon attacking our domain. We got Magnetic one and used him to stun him along with a bright one with the splash of butter. One with the defense weaker than the round one, but hit like The tiny one with 2 heads, and lastly, The tiny one and his little power against this horrible monstrocity. Afterwards, The dragon is slain, and put to rest whle this horrid man controlling this monster fled.

We may have defeated him here but he always find ways to what he does to us plants in different eras of time. Since we've been at war since the dawn of time, only time can tell when this war can end. The world may never know when this horrid man will be up to his evil doings and black magic.