Okay, so i was wondering if anybody wanted some strategies, so i made this. you can come here for questions, strategies (obviously), and tips for Garden Warfare. 

Getting vanquished alot? well then this is the right place! I am Player Rank 32 and counting, have almost all zombies, an expert at Chomper, Peashooter, and i'm pretty good at Cactus.


Chili Bean Bomb: If a huge group is coming after you deploy the Chili Bean. Watch them squirm and

The Dangerous Chili Bean Bomb

struggle as they try to get away, and watch them blow up! Pretty fun, huh?

Pea Gatling: Yes this is Gatling Pea switched around. NEVER do this on the ground or you'll be an easy kill do to the unability to move. Try it on elevated areas instead, but don't let Foot Soldiers notice you. Attack them first. You can also do this while camping.

Hyper: Hyper is just what you thought it was. The Peashooter gets hyper. Use this to your advantage, as you can get to high places and camp there. I, personally like using

Pea Gatling behind Tall-nuts.

hyper to escape with low health. You're fast, jumpy, and hard-to-hit.

feel free to ask about strategies, or add your own. i'm open to any questions!