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  • I live in Suburbia
  • My occupation is Defending lawns
  • I am an asparagus
  • BrandonPVZMaster

    Ways to Die in PvZ

    January 17, 2017 by BrandonPVZMaster

    I need ideas help! They can be funny, but they need to be testable (don't put something like "get blown up by lasers") 

    1. Do absoutley nothing

    2. Sunflowers. Just Sunflowers everywhere.

    3. Using Peashooters in later levels

    4. Horrible strategies

    5. Use aquatic plants but there's no water


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  • BrandonPVZMaster

    I want to make some new things on the Main Page, like changing the page color or color of the boxes. This background is getting stale. Any ideas about this? 

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  • BrandonPVZMaster

    I'm drawing Undertale characters like characters from pvz. The only one I've done is Super Brainz as Undyne - A True (Zombie) Hero. It would be nice for them to have at least a little in common (like Super Brainz and Undyne are heroes of their own kind) but they don't have to be exactly alike. They can be plants. 

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  • BrandonPVZMaster

    The L.E.F. Teim!

    August 27, 2016 by BrandonPVZMaster

    dis is a place were you can make your own derpy/badly-drawn heroes! Together, we will create the strongest (and funniest) plant and zombie armies! 

    da members:

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  • BrandonPVZMaster


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