I guess this is the Frostbite Caves part 2 blog.

Weasels are more OP than chickens, since they have near-same speed but more health! ********* Also, apparently, Level 3 can give you five zombies at once. WHY? Five Weasel Hoarders within 20 seconds on a single level, one frozen four squares away from the lawn mowers, forcing two of them to be lost? What the anus, PopCap?

Hopefully this BS can be fixed in the OFFICIAL release, since this is all soft releases... remember soft 1.9 lawnmowers? Why must you treat pre-releases like the real thing?

In fact, why not just have an article for soft released content? That makes sense, in respects to spoilers and ACTUAL RELEASES. Why not split the PvZ2 concepts article, for publicly released (e.g. concept art) and unreleased content (e.g. new world information)? Why not split the PvZ2 glitches article for the international AND Chinese versions? They're ASKING for it.

Also, I feel like post-Far Future premium plants may actually belong to their respective worlds. They appear in promotional materials, such as parties and trailers, they are featured in levels of certain worlds, Pea-nut is on Dark Ages's preview screen... but they have the default background PLUS where do all of the pre-Dark Ages premiums go? I guess the limited-time ones could be separated...