I should have mentioned that a while back, I got to Level 100 in Big Bad Butte. I never made a blog about it, but I had to reset several levels several times, since Big Bad Butte is such a pain in the... er, butte. :-P

I need eight seed slots, so I can have Twin Sunflower for sun production, Potato Mine as the early attacker, Winter Melon as the main attacker, Spikerock as a multi-purpose attacker/defender, Blover for killing mid-air zombies, Cherry Bomb for early large clusters of zombies, Lightning Reed for early Chickens, and Tall-nuts for Bulls. An additional two for Power Lily and Imitater Power Lily?

And just a few minutes ago, after all of these years, I got 100 flags into Survival: Endless!

Here's my strategy:

BUL9 Survival Pool Endless strategy

It's based off of Someone456's strategy but with a few minor alterations.

If you want tips, I'll give them to you!