Block me if you want, but I'm just making this blog to log down ALL the problems with the wiki's staff. Let's begin:


Both are inactive and have been as long as the gap between PvZ1 and PvZ2. Still, being the founders, I'd rather not revoke their rights.


  • Brainulator9 (aka me): Call me biased, but I see no problems with myself.
  • Gregory Exploit: Inactive.
  • Hoanganhminh: Once you learn to spell his name and disregard his questionable behavior in the past... he still is meh. He undid my work on the Giga-Football Zombie article which was FOR THE BETTER, and was the reason why I couldn't get rid of Category:Achievements with Other Names.
  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Ignoring that FREAKISHLY LONG NAME, he's inactive.
  • MignightHawk: Left the wiki; abused power; misspelled name.
  • Milesprower2: " a very good b-crat." Yeah, right. He's very closed-minded, so that means he's disrespectful of others' opinions, it is impossible to get him to watch a SpongeBob episode even EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET loves, and has a bad habit of capitalizing common nouns. Perhaps that's immature reasoning, but stil...
  • PvZBeast234: Inactive, but thankfully not as long as some of the user bureaucrats here, who have been inactive for YEARS. PB234 might as well be retired, though.
  • RandomguY: Inactive.
  • Shadythecat: Inactive. Why aren't these guys demoted yet?
  • Someone456: Some of his mindsets are... detrimental, to say the least. I want to keep redirect links. I want to use Wikipedia's style of editing as seen in its Manual of Style. His grammar is faulty, but to be fair, he IS Chinese.
  • Starfruity: I see no problems with him.
  • Swampert rox: Admittedly, I saw him on chat within the past twelve months, I believe, but still, I consider him to be inactive, probably the least much OF the four that need to be demoted.

Seven of them are inactive, but only four are worth demoting: RandomguY, Shadythecat, Gregory Exploit, and Swampert rox. Hawk and Beast might be worth demoting as time goes on, but as for Jack, we'll see...


Honestly, the administrators are... fine, but too little. I like A plant, and NapalmRosalina's faults are now in the past... but yeah, not much to say here. IMO, DeathZombi deserves it. At least ALL administrators are active.

Chat moderators

Not much to say, except there's just not enough of them. We only have seven of them, and three are inactive. Demote them much?


Again, not much to say, but we have the opposite problem: there's too much. Why not promote some of the rollbacks to chat moderator if applicable? Four of them are inactive, so demote them, but still...

The conclusion

I feel to lazy to write this, so I'll say this:

We have two founders, twelve bureaucrats, six administrators, seven chat moderators, and twelve rollbacks. Oh, and a bot. Oh, and another user I created for use as a bot but has not been given rights yet and at this state will probably never get them. We need more balance and better staff.

Oh, and if you're reading this years later, when this blog is COMPLETELY out-of-date, don't pester me to update it. It will never happen. Not that those words apply now, but in the future...