Hey, kids!
Meet Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time: Kung-Fu Edition!
Meet a lack of plants you earn via natural progression!
Now, you can collect plants via obtaining lots of stars!
Meet Treasure Yetis that run off the screen before you can kill them!
Meet Poncho Zombies that are weaker than Knight Zombies in terms of peas yet stronger than Gargantuar in terms of instant kills!
Meet a lack of Endless Zones, but plenty of Level 2 and 3 zombies to make up for it!
Meet having to pay for gems or getting gems from completing levels!
Meet shovel upgrades that give back 12.5% of the cost!
Meet a world where bosses can insta-kill plants using PF, even if not Spring Bean!
Meet Power Lilies that can be attacked!
Meet bosses that throw jack-in-the-boxes that are more OP than Gargantuar Prime's lasers!
Meet Last Stand bosses rather than conveyor-belt!
Meet a lack of Spring Bean and Bloverkill!
Meet Spring Beans that when upgraded, toss zombies off-screen, despite Spring Blovers being a possiblity!
Meet our lack of thinking in terms of "reducing Spring Bean sleeping time"!
Meet the OP Fire Gourd, which can be used when recharging!
Meet QiGong Bronzes, which have two extra capabilites and take four Cherry Bombs!
Meet Cherry Bomb as an IAP!!
Meet fugly plants like Pomegranate Machine Gun, Freeze Mushroom, Flame Mushroom, and more!
Meet concepts stolen from scrapped content from the international version and our sister game, Plants vs. Zombies Online!
Meet levels that force you to fight Level 2 zombies, even if don't already have Level 2 plants!
Meet the fact that Level 2 plants are weaker than Level 2 zombies, in terms of attack power and health, as with Level 3 plants and zombies!
Meet tutorial levels that make you think that the actual Brain Buster levels will work that way!
Meet a limited amount of obtainable Puzzle Pieces!
Meet our negative reviews compared to your lame version's positive reviews!
Meet upgrades and costumes that give detriments or are just plain stupid!
So what are you waiting for?
Are you going to stick with your lame, polished version, or take our Sonic 2006-quality, buggy, terrible version?
Get it now, and receive game-breaking glitches and missing sound effects!
THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!