EDIT: This blog was based on a joke, and wasn't complete, either. I dunno, but I'm keep this here because.

Yeah, I called Ninja Penguins an a-hole on a blog... and while I apologize, he listed his ideas on who should be a staff member here.

  • Bureaucrats
    • Someone456
    • Itsleo20
    • Wintermelon43
    • Uselessguy
  • Administrators
    • Starfruity
    • WinterMagnet
    • Cheetah-shooter
  • Chat moderators
    • Either/or
      • RandomzSunfish
      • Xenons
  • Rollbacks
    • Brainulator9
    • Electric Plants
    • Chickenwrangler369
    • CitronBULP
    • Buzzy Buzz
    • Crazyzombie168


  • A rude, obnoxious power abuser should get his rights back;
  • Another power abuser gets a right of high trust;
  • We get a potentially unprepared user for administrator;
  • A trustworthy user, whose rescinded (for now) rudeness caused this mess, to be a rank of low power, and;
  • Certain users won't have ANY rights at all, some of which DESERVE what they had AND in some cases, better:
    • A Frozen and Smurf fan
    • A plant
    • Cyborg Ranger
    • DeathZombi
    • EMPeachy4
    • EPICMAN7556
    • IMCR8Z
    • JemCel03
    • Milesprower2
    • Moon Snail
    • NapalmRosalina
    • Reapeageddon
    • Ron92003
    • Tiger03
    • ZombieNinja723
    • All the non-founder inactive staff.

Why? I'm sorry, but really? I'm just dumbstruck here. Obviously Nick haters deserve better than me, all because gross-yet-amusing and funny, heartwarming, intriguing shows are sh!ttier than girly shows that you can get teased for and are too unsafe for the target audience yet those claims are reserved for new Nickelodeon and not MLP:FiM even though the latter deserves it damn well, but I'm getting off-topic here. Just... no. Just no.