Good news, people; I AM MAKING MY OWN SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be called "Plants vs. Zombie Unsoiled". I can't reveal much, but there will be CRAZY adventures!

Episode titles:

  • Episode 1: Kurse of the Kernel (September 9, 2012) - After the baseball zombies catapult the Gold Sunflower Trophy into the pool, bad things (to them, at least) will happen.
  • Episode 2: Puff'n'stuff (October 7, 2012) - Puff-shroom opens a store selling anti-zombie equipment, putting Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies in danger.
  • Episode 3: Zombies vs. Plants (Part 1) (TBA) - The homeowner (who is also the player) uses Cheat Engine to make zombies good and plants bad. Then an epic cliffhanger occurs...
  • Episode 4: Zombies vs. Plants (Part 2) (TBA) - The whereabouts of the epic cliffhanger continues.
  • Episode 5: Girl-gantuar (TBA) - Gargantuar gets a girlfriend; need I say more?