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New rules for my daily stuff

I really need to lay down the law here.

  • Do not request for yourself in there. I don't need 29 million requests for something that only 25 people can participate in. The exceptions are if I allow it, or DeathZombi filling in my wordbubble quotes, since he's done it for a while and he asks me without bombarding me with them all at once.
  • Do not add things in without my approval. This is especially true if it attacks a user (Carp the Red-Nosed Reindeer wasn't funny IMO). If it's outdated, I'll get to it. I just want to do things myself, okay?
  • I have control over all my statements. Therefore, if DZ's quotes are unsuitable or if there's something better for that date, I have control over moving things around so they work.
  • This only applies to my stuff. You can have your own rules on your stuff.

Is this clear?

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