I noticed that profanity is causing a major stir on the wiki. I say we should use them.

So who would oppose? Well, ThePurplePi wrote this once, but rescinded it: [1] Sure enough, all of those points are false, either cases disproving it or the reverse occurring; if anything, opposing profanity makes you look dumb.

"And its all the fault of swearers like the people who [support profanity] that society is becoming like this. These points describe the character of you filthy swearers." Does using profanity make you a bad person? George Washington used profanity, and look at him and his legacy! What logic does that follow?

Also, the idea that we shouldn't corrupt children's fragile little minds is irrelevant. My nine-year-old brother (yes, I have two brothers and a sister) watches the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd and my father frequently uses profanity, hence why my sister's first word was the English word for German "Scheiße". Under the words of cartoonlover98: "Trust me, kids'll pick up on swearing & sex one way or another." Relevant video:

It's not illegal. Wikia allows it if the wiki's rules permit it. It's only rude in a "F**k you" situation, which we still won't tolerate, but saying "f**k! Gargantuars are gonna kill me!" is not meant to be rude, so it's okay. The only remotely logical reason is that Plants vs. Zombies as a series doesn't verge into profanity, but the logic can be broken there. I could say it's Looney Tunes-level rated (in a G/PG/R/X-rated manner), but then there's this.

So overall, any and all arguments against profanity are bullcrap. I'm sorry if it seems like you're forced to use it, and you're not forced to, but at least take this into consideration.