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My rant blog... again

I have procrastinated on this FAR TOO LONG. It's about time I did this, so...


There's so much wrong about this wiki that NOTHING will be left unmentioned.

First of all, there's TOO MUCH staff members, and not everyone needs to be one. We even get crappy users like WinterMagnet who are REALLY immature and rude. Some positions don't even get their fair share of users! But that's just the ICING on the sh!tcake...

Also, we have BULLIES here. Carp the Fish (aka Cyprind65) has been hated for being a bully, so as a taste of his own medicine, WMag (Winter*agnet, as in fn¢king fail) harasses him, too. Even if Carp DID bully him, retaliation is NEVER the answer. Just look at these! How can you support WMag after all this? I haven't even SEEN Carp bully ANYONE, so why should I care?

Also, users like Minh do stuff which I really dislike, such as pointless categories (Category:Achievements with Other Names) and (a moot argument) dictating the wiki. I don't see him much anymore, but sometimes the things he does really aren't worth it... in fact, maybe Someone456 is overrated too...

In fact, by that logic, we should mention MeVsZombiesMeWin, should we? I mean, he can be rude, but at LEAST he's funny, in my opinion, and people like ProcastinatorMan got along with him. Some people just lack those qualities...

Also, users get into arguments petty things like the usefulness of the Laser Bean, the existance of Ice Age and Fire Peashooter, the shutdown of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Plant Food abilities, the list might as well go on... and this leads to abusive blocks and rudeness and all sorts of bullcrap which DOESN'T need to be. We even have newly promoted administrators who are being RUDE for the wrong reasons. Proof:

Also, grammar nazis such as Milesprower2 and MVZMW. In fact, MP2 is such an odd specimen altogether that I don't know what to say about him; he just is!

This has gotten so bad that our users have LEFT the wiki. Look at BLACK OUT's userpage:

"You won't be seeing me around here much anymore, because I don't approve of some of the actions being done here."

That says a LOT. And here's something I remember from a while ago (not exact transcribing, mind you)...

ProcastinatorMan: "I think Brainulator may be right about something."

Brainulator9: "About what?"

ProcastinatorMan: "That perhaps the wiki is falling apart, slowly or perhaps even quickly."

Should have known that ProcastinatorMan left the wiki because its current state is crap. Wintermelon43 told me so from a chat between him, PMan, and DeathZombi. He also said that if he was to come back to Wikia, he would not be on this wiki, but if I wrote this blog, he might come back. This is for ProcastinatorMan.

Thee's so much more I want to talk about, but that's all that came to mind. Oh, god... I'd rather be in a wiki where there's a million vandals wrecking the place constantly e.g. Annoying Orange Wiki than a wiki where the STAFF are acting like @$$holes! So...

-BRAINULATOR9 15:22, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

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