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My opinions on demotion

Update: Ugh, this is out-of-date. I'll get to this thing sometime.


The offical founder should not be demoted as he may actually edit, plus, he IS the offical founder.


First editor may come back, and he IS the first editor, so he is NOT worth demotion.


Minh says he will be back, so we should not demote him.


He was here less than a year ago, so don't demote him.

Gregory Exploit

He was here less than a year ago, so do not demote him.


His userpage indicates that he will be inactive for an indefinite amount of time, so we should demote him.


He should not be demoted, as he may return.


He is listed as "partially active", so do NOT demote him.

Swampert rox

He WAS here after New Year's Day 2013, so no demotion for him.


I see him on chat often, so NO.


He WAS here less than a year ago, so no.


She IS partially active, so no.


He is partially active, and he did say on a forum when he returned that "(he) was glad (he) didn't get demoted".

For already demoted staff

I personally want to acknowledge former staff members with a red color and have a section for them as they may have done something significant to Plants vs. Zombies Wiki's history.

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