This is for mainspace edits. Guess the pun I'm going for. First one to do so gets a prize!

0: You've been registered. Yay.

250: Rollback. Revert vandalism all by one user in the blink of an eye.

500: Chat moderator. Exactly what it says on the tin.

1000: Administrator. Also called a sysop.

2000: Bureaucrat. 

4000: Honorary bureaucrat. Bureaucrat rights are held until the account is disabled.

8000: Checkuser. Look at users' IP addresses so as to confirm cases of sockpuppetry.

16000: Leader. You get to run the wiki. Only the best of the best can get in.

32000: Top leader. You control the other leaders.

64000: Overlord. Only one of these may exist at a time.

128000: Founder. The greatest amount of edits that will get you a position is 99999, so you can't get to this point.

No, this is not official or a serious proposal.