1. The various updates to the game as a whole stalled this world's release.
  2. The second wave music changed in the 2.9 update.
  3. Laser Bean costs 200 sun and shoots everything in front of it.
  4. Laser Bean costs 25 more sun than Bloomerang but has infinite targets. Why would I ever consider using Bloomerang ever again?!
  5. Laser Bean was supposed to cost 175 sun. Why?
  6. "Oh wait, we made Bloomerang useless! (adds 25 sun) Problem solved!"
  7. Laser Bean in the Chinese version, when upgraded to level 3, does this.
  8. Laser Bean's Plant Food effect once did 90 damage. UP.
  9. Blover costs half the sun for dozens more uses, but delayed activation.
  10. Said delayed activation did not exist in the 2.1 update.
  11. Spring Bean's Plant Food, when combined with Blover, murders the lawn.
  12. Blover is ineffective against certain zombie types, including Chickens, Bulls, Jesters...
  13. Some Endless Zones refuse to fork over Blover.
  14. It took 11 updates for a good Parrot counter to appear.
  15. Citron once costed 400 sun.
  16. Again, their mentality led to losing 50 sun fix a situation.
  17. Citron is made useless thanks to Coconut Cannon.
  18. E.M.Peach and Winter Melon is OP.
  19. "Has grown..." No subject.
  20. E.M.Peach is called "empea" in the code, and they never changed it.
  21. Starfruit does not deserve to cost money.
  22. Starfruit got the more expensive price.
  23. Starfruit is called splendid. I have a better word. It starts with sw- and rhymes with bell.
  24. "Travelled" uses British English.
  25. Infi-nut is weak much?
  26. Infi-nut has the honor of having its Plant Food effect mentioned in the Travel Log.
  27. Infi-nut was once named "holonut", like a hologram.
  28. Holocaust-nut.
  29. "As a young nut he spent..." Between "nut" and "he", put a comma there!
  30. Magnifying Grass cannot kill a full-health Conehead Zombie with one shot.
  31. "Beneath her stoic features she takes great joy..." Between "features" and "she", there should be a comma.
  32. Is Magnifying Grass sadistic?
  33. Magnifying Grass is male in a book but female in-game.
  34. Magnifying Grass was leaked.
  35. Why buy Starfruit when you have Rotobaga?
  36. Tile Turnip is impractical to use, since it's so expensive and only so helpful.
  37. Tile Turnip can be practical for 3 bucks.
  38. Tile Turnip shares the same idle animation with Marigold and Sweet Potato.
  39. Tile Turnip is also called "powerplant". Hardy har har.
  40. "Future fact #23: Nothing bad happens to red shirts." What are future facts numbers 1 through 22?
  41. Liar. Red is communist.
  42. 1984 is becoming a reality. :-O
  43. This forced me to use an immature emoticon.
  44. Miley Cyrus is number 23.
  45. Oh, so now you're adding "zombie" to the names of Conehead and Buckethead variants?
  46. "Poly-polymer" is redundant.
  47. Twice the toughness? More like thrice. The critical points system is just confusing.
  48. Brain pi.
  49. Punk plants? Such a daft statement.
  50. The zombies ate your brains 210 years ago, from 2113 to 2323.
  51. Shield Zombie cannot be splash damaged. ????
  52. Shield Zombie had less counters when its shield protected it at all sides.
  53. Shield Zombie wanted to be Mecha-Football Zombie.
  54. Bug Bot Imp was originally named Spider Bot Imp, which actually makes more sense.
  55. Bug Bot Imp can survive one Winter Melon and one Spikerock when launched by Gargantuar Prime.
  56. What is the point of Robo-Cone Zombie if other zombies have nearly as much health and special abilites?
  57. Imagine a Michael Jackson Machine.
  58. Mecha-Football Zombie pushes Ghost Pepper if it is behind plants.
  59. Mecha-Football Zombie is OP without Plant Food, ridiculously strong defenses, or E.M.Peach.
  60. Mecha-Football Zombie can somehow destroy Infi-nut's force field.
  61. "Past its prime" joke was already made.
  62. Robo-Cone Zombie is stronger than Mecha-Football Zombie, but Football Zombie is stronger than Conehead Zombie.
  63. Does that mean that a bucket mech would be weaker than Robo-Cone Zombie but stronger than Mecha-Football Zombie?
  64. Disco Jetpack Zombies are Jetpack Zombies but GROOVIER!!
  65. Try defending Lightning Reeds from Mecha-Football Zombie.
  66. Giga Mecha-Football Zombie.
  67. Gargantuar Prime smashes plants twice.
  68. Gargantuar Prime had to be nerfed.
  69. Gargantuar Prime could previously attack off-screen.
  70. Giga-gargantuar Prime.
  71. Sloth Gargantuar Prime.
  72. Sloth Giga-gargantuar Prime.
  73. Zombot Tomorrow-tron does not spawn Robo-Cone Zombie or Disco Jetpack Zombies.
  74. Sun Bean can be used in Sun Bombs levels.
  75. Sun bombs can damage Ghost Pepper.
  76. Stunion is ineffective against machines.
  77. Of course, Gargantuar Prime is the exception.
  78. Day 1 gets its pace jacked up thanks to pre-planted Peashooters the first time.
  79. Day 17 starts you off with 100 sun the first time, all of which you spend.
  80. Day 22 has Gargantuar Prime shoot lasers as soon as possible.
  81. Day 25 is often impossible without Plant Food.
  82. The boss battle is hypno-mazing.
  83. Levels give you Power Tiles on the conveyor belt when Tile Turnip can be used.
  84. Terror from Tomorrow is given after beating Day 4. Waaaay too early.
  85. Terror from Tomorrow is easy!
  86. Removed dialogue said "swell", because it makes sense.
  87. Prime Mover. Maya-ha-ha.
  88. Using Iceberg Lettuce/Snow Pea/Winter Melon/Hurrikale on Explorer Zombie is worth triple the XP than defeating Gargantuar Prime.
  89. Tile Denial. De-nile?
  90. By "don't plant on Power Tiles", they mean "don't use Plant Food on plants on Power Tiles".
  91. Re-re-spawn. To the right!
  92. Grass Effect. El oh el.
  93. Sun Damaged calls Robo-Cone Zombie a "Cone Mech", as in "future_mech_cone".
  94. The Jettisons. Jettison the cartoon sitcoms! Go to Frostbite Caves!
  95. By Jetpack Zombies, they mean anything works. Got Spring Bean, Plant Food, and Blover, alongside dozens of zombies? There you go.
  96. Drop the Boss was impossible in the 2.1 update. ?????
  97. Power Tiles run into legal issues.
  98. A book leeked Jetpack Zombie and Magnifying Grass.
  99. I, Zombie clone in China, only different objectives.
  100. All By Oneself in China.

Sentence: Murdered by 1.2 billion hypnotized Gargantuars