I was foolish to make a memorial post for EPICMANN7556, and then have it be a rage blog towards IvyLover. It goes to show how infantile and melodramatic this community can be.

I apologized to IvyLover, and we dropped the hatchet... ideally. :-P

Just click here. Apparently, he told that Wikia disabling the account was not necessary, but, of course, Wikia decided to do so anyway. That proves that the Wikia Staff members are reliable and overreactionary, messing up things when not needed, and... DaNASCAT and the checkuser system not working gave me a one-year global block. Heck, JUST BLOCK THE USER UNTIL HIS OR HER THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!!

(heavy breath) Okay... bilo EPICMANN7556. I'll miss you...