Because I cannot say "b***h". Or can I?

But seriously...


Well, at least, unlike Dark Ages, the zombies so far aren't OP, except for the Deep Sea Gargantuar, of course. But tell me, WHY DOES IT APPEAR BEFORE THE FREAKING MINIBOSS LEVEL?

On another stinking note, however, the plants FREAKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Chomper, while it has faster chewing time and its bites deal 10 damage instead of 2, its range has been decreased, so it cannot kill lit Explorer Zombies, and the plant that could kill Zombonis and Bobsled Teams in one bite cannot kill Bulls or Pianists whole. And its Plant Food is crap, too. Why not eat all of the zombies and then push newly-approaching zombies and Gargantuars back? Also, it's a premium plant, so there goes its usefulness. Also, it has a delay upon planting until it can kill zombies, and the burp only makes this WORSE. And its height is out-of-proportion, too...

Lily Pad seems fine enough, but cannot be used outside of Big Wave Beach. I was hoping to use Lily Pads in the Pirate Seas so I could plant Tall-nuts on them in order to block the Imp Cannon's shots, but nope!

Tangle Kelp is fine, too.

Bowling Bulb went from being a dang-structive force to one of the most UNDERPOWERED plants in the game and perhaps even the SERIES. It does unpromising damage, and the blue and orange bulbs don't grow unless the lane is empty, even though, again, THEY REDUCED THE DAMAGE!!!!!!

The level layouts suck, too. Even on FOUR-FLAG LEVELS, the first wave (no pun intended) will spawn TWO zombies at once, instead of one, like it should. Did the developers not play the first game and take notes? One level even forces you to have less than sixteen plants on the lawn, and guess what? Lily Pads count, and the waves can occur TO THE FREAKING LEFTMOST COLUMN!!!! The tides can occur way too far to the left. "Whoever is [developing this game], is either a punk, a malfunctioning robot, but I highly doubt whoever is [doing so] is a human participant. However, if he or she was a human participant, how old is he?---six or seven?" Or more likely, the ZOMBIES programmed these levels.

I wish I had COMPLETE CONTROL over EVERY decision in this game, because after the 1.7 update, the game is doing downhill by a lot, until it ends up being ABSOLUTE CRAP. Just do me a favor and look out for my "ideal update" blog, okay?