"Hey, Sheldon, know how to keep a dummy in suspense for 24 hours?"
("No, how?")
"I'll tell you tomorrow!"

Roy (and Sheldon), Garfield and Friends'

Well, you know what you're here for. Oh boy...

Keep in mind:

  • This strategy uses no in-app purchases.
  • This strategy exploits glitches.
  • This strategy requires no boosts.


With threat rating!

  • Future Zombie: Winter Melons can take out even the BIGGEST groups of those guys. 1/10
  • Future Conehead: Stronger but still simple. 2/10
  • Future Flag Zombie: Do I need to say it? 1/10
  • Future Buckedhead: Can be troublesome. 4/10
  • Robo-Cone Zombie: Survives an instant, but slow and E.M.Peachable. 5/10.
  • More soon!


Without Gargantuar Primes

Plants denoted with * are required.