I feel done with kind of bullcrap. Do you want to know why?

For the month of November 2014, I changed my icon to Buhdeuce to the Nickelodeon television show Breadwinners. At first, I thought HeavenlyMildCone was going to be my only problem, because he hates Breadwinners.

Of course, the moment IMCR8Z got ahold of the icon, he said, "BUL9? How could you? (break) Look at his new icon." "Why did BUL9 have to change his icon to one of the horrible characters in what is probably the worst cartoon ever made?" (in response to me stating the show as underrated) "@BUL9: Underrated? I'd like to have some of what you're smoking." "@BUL9: "original"" "overreacting" "Buhdeuce" "Complete and other [BLEEP] is how any sane person would describe Breadwinners." (in response to me supporting opinion tolerance) "@BUL9: Opinions don't matter if they're s**t."

My PM with DeathZombi is as follows:

Brainulator9 at 11:57: TBH, I'm starting to dislike IMCR8Z now.

DeathZombi at 11:58: Opinions? He hated me because I loved Adventure Time (break) I have to pretend to hate it

Brainulator9 at 11:59: I can respect Milesprower2 hating SpongeBob. (break) But if you criticize a fair opinion, then why should I respect you?

DeathZombi at 12:01: Talk to him about iit (break) I dont want to see opinion hate (break)Remember MVZMW and Theq and Miles?

Brainulator9 at 12:03: Yes. (break) That was pure bullcrap.

Is this the type of behavior we should see from a chat moderator? I think he should be demoted for violating a policy here. I CREATED THE OPINION TOLERANCE POLICY FOR A REASON: SO THIS TYPE OF BULLCRAP DOESN'T EXIST.

Sure, enough, while I'm typing this: User blog:IMCR8Z/I'm Done!

I should extend the blog to Rekanochi. He is the most rude, obnoxious, VILE user on this wiki. The moment he attacks is the moment I hate him. He deserves nothing but contempt.

I wonder if I should leave, because, in the words of MidnightHawk:

"From what it sounds like, WM [Wintermelon43] realized the same thing I did. That all you guys did was argue and cause drama. I think we are both glad now to be above the raging, flaming, and arguments over things that will not matter in a few years."

So why am I adding to the conflict? Why should I stay here? How effective IS the staff here? This is going crazy, and it never freaking stops. So, should I continue being here, or should I leave before the wiki is just... trash? As if it wasn't already...