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100 Levels into Terror from Tomorrow

Oh, boy! I beat the 100th level of Terror from Tomorrow. That's right. No prems, just... exploiting glitches. It may seem wrong, but which is worse, exploiting glitches that the developer does not know about, or spending money on a free game?

The stats

  • Music: Ultimate Battle
  • Zombies: Future Zombie, Future Buckethead Zombie, Bug Bot Imp, Robo-Cone Zombie, Mecha-Football Zombie, Disco-tron 3000. YES, NO GARGANTUARS. Lucky, huh?
  • Flags: 4
  • First flag Plant Food holder: Disco-tron 3000, second lane from top
  • Second flag Plant Food holder: Mecha-Football Zombie, top-most lane
  • Third flag Plant Food holder: Future Zombie, middle lane
  • Fourth flag Plant Food holder: Robo-Cone Zombie, bottom lane

The proof

Better than nothing, I suppose:

BUL9 100 Levels TfT

The reaction

Do it with me!

VICTORY SCREEEECH! (does so with you all)

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