Oh, boy! I beat the 100th level of Dead Man's Booty. That's right. No prems, just... exploiting glitches. It may seem wrong, but which is worse, exploiting glitches that the developer does not know about, or spending money on a free game?

The stats

  • Music: Brainiac Maniac
  • Zombies: Pirate Zombie, Seagull Zombie (times two), Barrel Roller Zombie, Imp Cannon, Imp Pirate Zombie (naturally), Pirate Captain Zombie, Zombie Parrot (naturally), and Swashbuckler Zombies. YES, NO GARGANTUARS. Lucky, huh?
  • Flags: 1
  • First flag Plant Food holder: I used a Cherry Bomb so I can't tell :-P

The proof

Very abstract, but what the heck:

BUL9 DMB Level 100
BUL9 DMB Level 100 beaten

The tips

Coming soon!

The reaction

Do it with me!

VICTORY SCREEEECH! (does so with you all)