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100 Levels into Arthur's Challenge

Oh, boy! I beat the 100th level of Arthur's Challenge. That's right. No prems. Just glitches until the 2.7 update replaced with the worst glitch of all: Plant Food used but more useless than Uselessguy.

The stats

  • Music: Brainiac Maniac
  • Zombies: Peasant Zombie, Conehead Peasant, Jester Zombie, Zombie King, Dark Ages Gargantuar. At least there's no Wizards...
  • Flags: 1
  • Plant Food holder: cannot remember, sorry.

The proof

Heh. Only for you I would do this:

BUL9 AC Level 100 BUL9 AC Level 100 beaten

The reaction

Do it with me!

VICTORY SCREEEECH! (does so with you all)

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