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  • Brainulator9

    RIP Prince

    April 21, 2016 by Brainulator9
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  • Brainulator9

    This Zombies Are Big and when they will be burned you will see this:

    Zombies with tall neck are:Octo Zombie,Troglobite,Arcade Zombie,Jurassic Bully and All-Star Zombie

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  • Brainulator9

    Leap Day 2016

    February 29, 2016 by Brainulator9

    My first leap day on this wiki! :-D

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  • Brainulator9

    Plants vs. Zombies. One of the greatest and most attractive games ever thought up. They can shoot at sound speed, take out enemies in a flash, and best of all, they're green-colored and know how to handle the females. Speaking of females, the Plants vs. Zombies universe may also be classified as Hot Chick Heaven because there's such a mess of very beautiful and tough women that it'll make you love the franchise even more. And since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I've been inspired to make a top ten list of the most beautiful female plants. Grab yourself a snack and a glass of orange juice and try not to reach through the screen because here we go!

    Number 10: Try this question on for size: who produces and secretes sun all the time and wi…

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  • Brainulator9

    I looked at my phone and saw an update for Plants vs. Zombies on Android. I was confused, thinking that it was a new PvZ2 update which was being silently released, but the description said it was done to support Android 5.0 and 6.0, the first update since 2013, I think. Not that other changes occurred:

    • The Zen Garden music now plays the proper Zen Garden theme instead of Grasswalk for the main and Aquarium Gardens and Moongrains for the Mushroom Garden.
    • The game no longer properly scales images.
    • Text now says stuff like "View Lawn" instead of "VIEW LAWN".
    • Imitater can no longer clone upgrade and "other" plants. Instead, it'll pick the lowest plant in the column.
    • The "plant a Winter Melon first" error has been corrected.
    • All plants, even something …
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