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Dynomine: day 1. Explodes all zombies in a radius.

Sniper Shroom: day 5. Charges up a shot then fires it at the strongest zombie on the row.

Umbrella Leaf: day 7. Blocks all zombies dropping down in a 3x3 area.

Sunnade: day 10. Explodes on zombies which turn into sun.

Gatling Pea: day 14. Shoots 4 peas in rapid fire.

Bean-con: day 18. Camoflauges in one spot for 2 small zombie waves, then explodes on the nearest zombie.

All of the other plants are obtained in the endless zone: Battle of Ages.

Battle of Ages day 3: Aspearagus. Shoots wooden and sharp spears from a distance.

Battle of Ages day 6: Shadow Flower. Shoots darkened sun bombs at zombies as well as producing sun.

Battle of Ages day 10: Doom-Shroom. Blows up zombies and leaves a crater in it's wake.

Battle of Ages day 12: Commando Pea. Shoots bursts of peas 5 at a time.


Infantry Zombie: 10 health

Infantry conehead: 26 health

Infantry buckethead: 65 health

Soldier Zombie: 20 health. Shoots at plants with assault rifle.

Detonator zombie: 30 health. Throws grenades at plants which stun them.

Sargent Gargantuar: 180 healh. smashes plants with air plane.

Exploding imp: Explodes on plants, spawned by the Zomboss War Tank and thrown by Sargent Gargantuar. 10 health.

Bazooka Zombie: 60 health. charges up a rocket and launches a cherry-bomb radius explosion rocket.

Zomboss War Tank: Missle attack spawns Exploding imps. 3640 health.


Plant Medicine: Health increased for plants: 15% boost.

Zom-B-gone: Gives a chance to spawn a last-second explosive.

Equalizer: Zaps all zombies on screen that are hit with splash damage.(Lightning, melons, coconut cannon shells...)

Re-watered seeds: All explosive plants now have less detonation time.

Battle Trumpet: Damage given increased by 30% and damage taken decreased by 20%.

Plant Food effects

Dynomine: None.

Sniper Shroom: Shoots a small, fast spore which bounces all over every row and each zombie.

Umbrella Leaf: Increases leaf size to 5x5

Sunnade: None.

Gatling Pea: Shoots a mix of fire, ice, and regular peas, and then giant peas of all 3 types.

Bean-con: None.

Aspearagus: Shoots 4-5 sharp wooden spears which go through zombies.

Shadow Flower: Produces 150 sun, then shoots darkened sun bombs like a gatling pea.

Doom-Shroom: None.

Commando Pea: Shoots 4/5 rows of 25 burst fire peas.

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