If you are reading this right now, you will know this is 100% my opinion. Okay? Okay. Top 10 first!

Top 10

Any that I personally like. Enough said.

10. The Sun Thief

Ra Zombie is the very first new new zombie you encounter. And he fits it well for me, stealing your sun supply before you collect it. Ra Zombie is an interesting case. He has the same health as a basic zombie, slower than usual, and steals sun. That sun of a devil!

9. The Speedboarder

Oh Surfer Zombie. Where do I start... He's so DAMM FAST! He appears from the right of the screen, but if the tide is underneath him, he rides his surfboard. This is where his speed comes in. And I personally like his death animation. Everybody drop now!

8. The Cannon O' Imps

Imp Cannons are a make-and-die type zombie which sit their lazy selves at the back, shooting Imps to halfway of the lawn. Again, there's a twist. It you don't kill it quickly, it will explode and Imps will fly. Everywhere. And land up to column 3. Becareful with these guys! They may be lazy, but they're quite the trouble!

7. The Chicken Parent

Chicken Wranglers. Yes, I like this thing. Not because it's weak, mostly it's appearance and death. He spawns with chickens all over him, which break free after 3 NDS. The chickens he spawns are very fast but weak, and the wrangle itself is a big nuisance. Can we use Laser Beans please?

6. The King's apprentice

Good knight indeed! A tank indeed! With a whopping 90 health and the speed of a basic zombie, his helmet is a really strong defence with 80 NDS in health. These zombies are HUGE problems with Zombie Kings in the wrecking team, as they can make endless ammounts. But I don't care, awesome helmet.

5. The Yellow Bot

Looking at this choice, you're probably confused. What's with all the weak zombies? Their appearance. What's with all th- no. Bug Bot Imps rain down from the air in Far Future as a little surprise attack of their own. And they are slightly more dangerous than your typical undead munchkin.

4. The Tomb Creator

Why not? Honestly, it feels as if they need more danger in them. The tombstones they make could make more zombies. But let's not complain. I like the Tomb Raiser Zombie because of the random way he make tombstones. He gets a BONE. From his MOUTH. And tosses it to make a tombstone. HILARIOUS!

3. The Giant of time

What can I say? Huge monster at it's finest. And arguably the biggest threat for those who are trying to survive. Look at this thing! A huge bulky zombie with a weapon. A big weapon. He also has an Imp baby to throw when below half health. Dammit!

2. The Submerger

Snorkel Zombie is very close to me, as he's my mascot but modified on my avatar pic. I personally like him because of how he fits with my favourite world themes and in what I personally like. Defense, a surprise ambush and an odd twist to shield himself.

1. The Barricader

Personally, I think Shield Zombie is my favourite zombie ever. Look at that freaking helmet and the machine structure. Definetly odd and fitting. I personally like this zombie because it's a moving tombstone of it's own with similar health. And I like zombies that are basically "Hey, kill me now or I'll do annoying stuff to your plants." kind of thing.

Bottom 10

10. The Baby Parent

Golly gosh, these things are annoying. Don't get me started. "But they have too little health and are easy to beat!" NOPE. It's the speed and the groups they come in, and the freaking way it only takes ONE Chicken Wrangler to spawn, what, 13 of them?

9. The Launcher

Yes, I do like it, but why do I not like it? It's kinda unbalanced. Let's say: it reaches column 3. You place a Squash infront, but it kills a nearby Buckethead instead. And what does the bull do? Launch it's Imp. Directly over your plants. And bang on the lawnmower. Good lord.

8. Another Giant of time

...*sigh* Yup. You knew this would be here somewhere. Gargantuar Prime and it's infamous (now nerfed) laser of doom. "Oh don't worry, this is the most annoying garg around." True. Ish. And the reason why it's not higher? Nerfed laser. It's fine. ALSO, THE TINY BUG BOT ON IT'S BACK MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME. Don't ask.

7. The Party Mobile

If you've seen this thing and what it can do, you will know why. The first tile it moves, it makes all cowboys on the screen dance like maniacs and move lanes. The problem? You don't know where and when they are going to move! It's so frustrating!