Browncoat Line

The Browncoats and it's other forms have highest damage and health of the zombie team, but after attacking once, it has to pass the next turn.

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Browncoat Zombie

Brain Scratch: hits one enemy and has a 50% chance of vanquishing it instantly

Brainz Bash: Browncoat gets angry and hits the target with a medium damage rock Zombie on the lawn: All teammate Plants get more damage for the next turn 250 N/A
Conehead Zombie Cone Hammer: Hits the enemy with a hard cone All Acone: Shields all allies from all charge up attacks for 2 turns 1 man army: Doubles you attack damage next turn 400 200 EXP
Buckethead Zombie Bucket Bash: Hits 3 enemies with a very solid metal bucket Metalic Monster: Any damage taken is thrown back at the enemy who used it for 2 turns Zombie B Good: Boosts all ally Zombie damage by 100 extra damage 600 1000 EXP
Knight Zombie Knight Helm Sword: Hits all enemies with a boomerang-like knight helmet Good Knight: Hits all enemies for 200 damage or 500 Medieval Mastery: All allies get a bonus 300 damage on their next attack 1000 2500 EXP

Flag Zombie Line: Flag Zombie can heal and revive allies but is the hardest to transform

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Flag Zombie Flag Smack: Heals damage dealt and hits 3 enemies Brain Thirst: Heals ally Zombies to full health and Plants to half A Jettison: Gets a Jetpack to avoid the next 2 attacks aimed at the Flag Zombie 500 N/A
Heal Zombie Blank Slap: Hits the enemies with a white, health draining flag Compression Shout: All damage taken to every teammate is healed to full health and gives double damage given too Double 0: All long range attacks from enemies hit the floor and do nothing for 3 turns 800 2500 EXP

Soldier Line

Soldiers and it's variants focus on boosting stats of itself and allies but suffers a health penalty

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Efffect Battle Buff Health Cost
Soldier Z1 assault rifle: Blasts 1 enemy with damage boosted pellets ZPG Launcher: Releases a ZPG rocket that hits all enemies except the one with most health In the air: Boosts damage of all allies by 1.5 for their next attack 100 N/A
Arctic Trooper Frozen rifle: Hits 2 enemies with ice cold pellets with a chance of freezing them Frosty Rocket: Freezes all enemies with a cold ZPG rocket and damages them all Tough Guys: Next turn, all Surbomb effect attacks get doubled in damage 150 200 EXP
Camo Ranger Camo Snipe: Hits an enemy with highest health for a big damaging shot Multi Surprise: Shoots 4 rockets at a target that hasn't hit Camo Ranger You can't see me: All Plants and Camo Ranger cannot be damaged next turn 220 500 EXP
Tank Commander: Artillery Laser: Shoots an explosive that hits all enemies Point-Blind: Throws a stink cloud at a random enemy and launches a ZPG rocket at the same enemy Big Problem: Triples damage of next 2 attacks for all allies 300 1000 EXP
Centurion Burn Buster: Shoots 5 fire powered pellets at each enemy Disease Elimination: All Zombie enemies get instantly vanquished Past Life: When you get vanquished, you get instantly revived and receive a quadriple damage boost on your next attack 400 2500 EXP

Future Zombie Line

Future Zombies get a machine for more health and more damage but get hit the most

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Future Zombie Future slam: Slams the enemy into another enemy for chain reaction damage Future Fury: Spawns a futuristic Cone Strike on all the enemies For the team: Sacrifices the user to give all the teammates a triple damage booster 200 N/A
Shield Zombie Future pinch: The metal pincers of the machine reach out and hit all enemies Zombombard: Spawns 4 Futuristic Cone Strikes on all enemies Zombarrier: Makes a purple barrier to protect 2 turns worth of attacks 325 200 EXP
Cone Mech Zombie Mech Stomp: Stomps the floor which the shake force hits all enemies Mech Master: Fires an array of lasers from the top of the mech hitting all enemies Spider Agility: Attack twice next turn 450 500 EXP
Gargantuar Prime Mech hammers: Hits 1 plant for a huge ammount of damage Laser Eyes: Hits a random enemy. The enemy hit is instantly vanquished. Bug Bot Buddy: Deploys 10 Bug Bot Imps to aid in battle 600 1000 EXP