In here, this is the best place to pick up on New Attacks, get New Characters and see what they can do.

Peashooter Line.

Peashooters do big damage but usually get attacked the most.

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Peashooter Pea Blast: Shoots 33 peas Pea Gauntlet: Shoots 66 peas Rest in peas: Double damage for next attack 150 N/A
Repeater Pea Grenade: Shoots 2, high damaging peas Pea Hurricane: Makes a storm of 20 high damaging peas Sargent Roar: Grants immunity to damage over 40 for 1 turn 200 200 EXP
Threepeater Pea Stunt: Shoots 1 pea at 3 seperate targets Pea Fleet: Swarms each enemy with 30 peas each Leaf me alone: Cannot be attacked for 2 turns 270 500 EXP
Gatling Pea Pea Turret: Shoots 4 target piercing peas Pea Sentry: Shoots an army of 100 peas, at the enemy with highest health Warrior Spirit: Heals all health to you, and halves you next attack's damage 300 1000 EXP
Pea Pod Penta Shot: Shoots 5 peas in a burst Pea Cannon: Shoots 5 gigantic peas all at seperate targets

Killing Peas: Increases size for more damage on next attack

400 2500 EXP

Sunflower Line.

Sunflowers can heal all allies and revive them when vanquished.

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Sunflower Sun Shot: Damages an enemy and heals you Sun Shout: Heals all teammates and you for half the total health Get in there: Target an enemy which drains it's health 10 per turn for 5 turns 150 N/A
Heal Flower Sun Snipe: Does high damage but leaves you weak for 2 turns Sun Spree: Releases a Sunbeam on all enemies for huge health draining damage Break it down: Doubles damage of all allies who you healed in the last to turns for their next attack 200 200 EXP

Twin Sunflower

Twin Sun Shot: Shoots 2 sun pulse shots and heals you Sun Scream: Heals all teammates and you for 75% of all health Keep going: Targets the enemy with most health and makes them lose 20 health for 2 turns 270 500 EXP
Twin Heal Flower Twin Sun Snipe: Does Large damage but leaves you useless for 4 turns Solar Flare Beam: Releases a Sunbeam on all enemies and heals all allies and you the damage dealth Smash it down: Triple damage of all allies for 2 turns 300 1000 EXP
Power Flower Power Pulse: Shoots a huge sun bomb at the enemy Sunshine Snipe: Does low damage but hits all enemies Group Empathy: Heals all allies for all their health 400 2500 EXP

Damage ammounts:

Low: 20-40

Small: 40-70

Medium: 70-100

Moderate: 100-140

High: 140-170

Huge: 170-200

Large: 200-250

Absurd: 250-1000

Cabbage Pult Line.

Cabbage Pults do the most damage but are the hardest to level up and transform.

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Batte Buff Health Cost
Cabbage Pult Cabbage Cluster: Deals small damage to 2 enemies Cabbage Grenade: Throws a big medium damage cabbage onto each enemy Captive: Stops 1 random enemy from attacking the next turn 150 N/A
Kernel Pult Kernel Karnage: Tosses a low damage kernel block on each enemy Butter Bomb: Tosses a medium damage butter block on each enemy Halt: Stops 3 random enemies from attacking for the next 2 turns 200 200 EXP
Melon Pult Melon Mallet: Smashes one enemy with a moderate damage melon Artillery Melon: Shoots 1 huge damage melon which hits all enemies Overpower: All allies medium damage attacks into huge damage attacks for the next turn 300 1000  EXP
Winter Melon Winter Wallop: Tosses a cold, random damage melon onto 1 enemy Winter Warfare: Shoots a Large damage melon which hits all enemies Wasted: Instantly vanquishes all enemies with 300  health or lower 400

2500 EXP

Wall-Nut Line

Wall-Nuts get the most health but do the least damage.

Character Image Basic Attack Surbomb Effect Battle Buff Health Cost
Wall-Nut Nut Shot: Does small damage to all enemies Fortify: Doubles current health with metal armour Defence Position: Protects you from all damage for 2 turns 250 N/A
Infi-Nut Holo-Slam: Does small damage to 3 enemies and regens your health by 30 each of 4 turns Battle Barrier: The next 5 attacks will do nothing to you and your allies Fall Back: Protects you and 2 other allies from all damage for 3 turns 400

200 EXP

Tall-Nut Huge size: Does medium damage to 2 enemies, twice. Barricaded: Triple your health with titanium armour Nut a problem: If an ally gets hit, they don't take the damage but you do. 650 500 EXP
Pea-Nut Hardened Pea shot: Deals moderate damage to all enemies with same health percent. Block and shoot: Quadriples your health with a full set of iron armour All in my heads: You deal twice the damage you normally would to all enemies with 200-400 health 1000 1000 EXP