Encountered Plants:

Enemy Health Attack 1 Attack 2 Special Trait Rarity
Chili Bean 50 Fart: Charge up 3 turns, hits all players and poisons them Head Tail thump: Hits one target with the whip-like tail on it's head Immune to poison based attacks Duplicates if not killed within 3 turns into 2 more Chili Beans Common
Pea Gatling 60 Pea Sentry: Shoots 1 player with 30 small damaging peas in quick succession N/A If below 20 health doubles all damage given Can dodge any splash damage Common
Chomper 100 Swallow: Charge 2 turns, if not killed, instantly kills a player who is a zombie N/A While charging up, takes less damage Heals upon eating a zombie Common
Hypno Shroom 30 Hypnosis: Puts the target to sleep. Spreads to another player Dream killer: If the target is asleep, poisons them Immune to melee attacks Runs away if not kiled in 3 turnsl Common
Aspearagus 75 Stalk Shot: Shoots a wooden spear at a random enemy N/A Loses 5 health each turn it's alive N/A Common




Sun Demon: Shoots a big sun bomb at a player Mush see this: Heals itself back to full N/A

Grows to a new size within a few turns



Citron 100 Plasma Punish: Charge 3 turns. Hits 1 player with a huge plasma shot N/A N/A Kills a random zombie in 4 turns


Homing Thistle 150 Spike Shot: Shoots a spike at one random player N/A Any one who attacks with a melee attack is hurt too N/A Uncommon
Potato Mine 50 SPUDOW!: Charge 2 turns. Does 300 damage to a random zombie N/A N/A If there are no zombies, kills itself Uncommon
Iceberg Lettuce 20 Chill: Freezes a player, but kills itself N/A N/A N/A


Cherry Bomb 170 KAPOW!: Explodes on all players N/A N/A Kills itself when uses KAPOW!. Rare
Bonk Choy 200 Uppercut: Hits a random player and does half of their health worth in damage N/A N/A Increases damage if an ally plant dies Rare
E.M.Peach 60 E.M.Punish: Disables Future Zombie's variant machines N/A Kils self upon using E.M.Punish Disables Future Zombie's variant machines Rare
Bowling Bulb 300 Bowling Bonk: Shoots a random bulb to do damage to all players N/A Recharges a bulb every 2 turns Drops triple EXP when killed Rare
Crazy Dave 10000 Wabby Wabbo: Sings in a silly way and does large damage to all players Taco snack: Eats a taco and heals himself N/A Can't be killed by plants Final Boss

Encountered Zombies:

Enemy Health Attack 1 Attack 2 Special Trait Rarity
Browncoat Zombie 40 Brain Scratch: Hits a player N/A N/A N/A Common
Conehead Zombie 70 Cone Hammer: Hits a player N/A N/A N/A Common
Buckethead Zombie 100 Bucket Bash: Hits a players N/A N/A N/A Common
Football Zombie 150 Sprint Tackle: Charges at 2 players Football Cannon: Shoots a player with 5 footballs N/A Sprint Tackle knocks players out for 2 turns Uncommon
Tomb Raiser Zombie 100 Bonerang: Tosses a bone at a player, hits it twice N/A Spawns Tombs which spawn endless ammounts of zombies until destroyed N/A Uncommon

Yeti Imp

35 Ice Going: Explodes into ice, freezing 2 players N/A N/A Kills self with Ice Going Uncommon
Catapult Zombie 250 Basketbomb: Tosses an exploding basketball which hits all players Ram: Rams a player and knocks them out for the next turn N/A Has only 10 Basketbombs Uncommon
Mall-Cop Zombie 75 Ram: Rams a player and knocks them out for the next turn N/A N/A First attack it does ignores any status conditions Uncommon
Screen-Door Zombie 150 Screen Smash: Smashes the selected target with it's screen-door N/A N/A Screen-Door blocks all peas Uncommon
Octo Zombie 200 Octrap: Tosses Octopi on a random player, stopping them from attacking until the Octopi covering them is destroyed Missed: Covers itself in Octopi which makes it immune to melee attacks N/A Regrows Octopi every turn Rare
Jester Zombie 75 Jester Spin: Spins on a player, making them confused for 3 turns N/A N/A All peas and pult projectiles are tossed back at who fired them Rare
Knight Zombie 120 Knight Time: Teams up with other Knights to perfom a team attack. Charge 3 turns N/A Increases damage with more Knight Zombies still alive N/A Rare
Heal Zombie 300 Flag slap: Damages a player N/A Heals it's allies every turn by 40 health N/A Rare
Wizard Zombie 80 Abra ca-SHEEP: Turns a player into sheep until Wizard Zombie dies N/A N/A Does no damage Rare
Dr. Zomboss 10000 Zombonk: Uses the Zombot's hand and slaps a player for high damage Zomblast: Shoots a laser out of the Zombot's eyes N/A Can't be killed by Zombies Final boss