Description: Travel to the space of nothing but plants, zombies, and you.

20 levels

7 new plants

10 new zombies

4 new upgrades

World Gimmick: Every 30 seconds, a random plant anywhere on the lawn will float into the empty abyss of Outer Space, making you lose a plant.


Astro-nut: A stronger Wall-Nut that explodes on zombies when eaten. Obtained on Night 1.

Corrock: Protects all plants and itself from being lifted away. Obtained on Night 4.

Nebomb: Explodes in a radius on all zombies, but only works if a zombie bites it first. Obtained on Night 6.

Levi-pad: Lifts any Zombie away that steps on it. Obtained on Night 9.

Bolt-Weed: Zaps zombies from underneath and knocks them back. Obtained on Night 11.

Scaredy Shroom: Shoots at zombies from a big range, but hides when they get close. Obtained on Night 15.

E.M.Puncher: Punches zombies front and behind with electricity. Obtained on Night 19.


Astronaut Zombie: Basic rock-walking zombie. 10 health. First Seen: Night 1

Conehead Astronaut: His anti-gravity cone protects him from attacks. 26 health. First Seen: Night 1

Buckethead Astronaut: His darkened space bucket protects him from attacks. 65 health. First Seen: Night 3

ZFO Driver: Abducts plants and takes them away. 30 health. First Seen: Night 5

Astroimp: Comes out of the ground, and continues to the house. 10 health. First Seen: Night 5

Spaceman Gargantuar: Bounces from lane to lane and crushes plants with an asteroid. Throws Astroimp when damaged. 180 health. First Seen: Night 8

Spaceship Zombie: Drives a spaceship which is used to crush plants and speed him up. 30 health. First Seen: Night 10

Spaceplane Zombie: Drives a slow, and deadly tank which shoots plants every 10 seconds. 100 health. First Seen: Night 17

Impunisher: Summoned by Zomboss' creaton, moves slower with more health and damage than a regular Astroimp. Health: 20. First Seen: Night 20.

Zombot Flying Object EX: The boss of Outer Space. Uses a laser to wipe out all plants of one type. Health: 1000. First Seen: Night 20.