Okay, I bet you saw this coming. Big Wave Beach is the HARDEST world so far, and thus, I think now is a good time to say how I found it. And kinda rage on it. Note: I'm only doing Part 2 in this.

Day 17: Uuuugh! Octopie!....Kinda sounds... wierd?

Day 18: Guacodile? DINNER. Oh wait, they nerfed it? Oh Pea-Nuts!

Day 19: Oh boy, another Locked and Loaded and basic level baby. YUCK!

Day 20:  SOOOO not worth the endless zone.

Day 21: Surfers. Homing Thistle. Homing Thistle. Sur- Wait, the tide goes all the way? Oh puck.

Day 22: Something's fishy... Why is this an easy zone?


Day 24: Time to bowl some heads! With added Surfers? Puck.

Day 25: What in the- D'oh I died.

Day 26: Introducing the new song, Banana Storm :)

Day 27: Banana me THIS!

Day 28: Oh...Is this Last Stand? I can't tell. Oh wait, it is.

Day 29: Not too- Oh hi sun limit.

Day 30: Oh no you didn't! Infi-nut! Time to get busy!

Day 31: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Freaking Locked and Loaded...

Day 32: YOU'RE the beach bum now, Zomboss!