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8,781 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
May 17, 2014
  • I live in a lonely house
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is student at high school
  • I am Male

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  • BoltBlizard

    Ally HP ATK DEF SPD LVL Weapon BP Plant
    Kona 62 14 19 8 13 Kona's Bow - Does damage equal to the enemy defense and drops it to 0.

    Bountiful Shot

    Kona sets fire to one of her arrows and fires it at the enemy with the highest health. Their defense is dropped to 0, they take ATK damage and they become burned.

    Tharja 57 22 2 11 15 Tharja's Curse - Does 1.5X ATK to one enemy.


    Tharja summons a wormhole and draws in all undead enemies. Those enemies now fight along side her and follow her orders till death.

    Xero 51 20 13 5 13 Xero's Yumi - Attacks once with ATK stat, then attacks again with an extra DEF damage.

    Certain Pain

    Xero fires his Yumi at a select enemy 5 times over with his ATK + DEF damage. If that enemy dies, h…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Name Level HP ATK DEF SPD Description Passive(s)
    Zombie 1 10 2 2 2 Your average zombie. He dreams of brains 24/7. N/A
    Conehead Zombie 1


    10 (Health bar 1)

    2 4 2 A zombie who wears a cone on his head for fashion and protection.

    Armor 1 - Has an extra healthbar (10)

    Toxic Waste Imp 1 5 ? 0 5 An Imp who defeats anything he attacks in one hit and supplies this power to other zombies.

    Deadly - This can defeat anything it hits

    Spreading - Spreads its effects to its allies

    Buckethead Zombie 1


    10 (Health bar 1)

    4 5 2 A zombie who shows off an endurance boosting bucket on his head for all the right reasons.

    Armor 1 - This has an extra health bar (10)

    Reforging - If hit with damage higher than ATK, regenerate 25% of that each turn.

    Name Level HP ATK DEF SPD D…

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  • BoltBlizard

    DatDramaPlant (Revil, male)

    Plant Partner: Aloe

    Class: Falcon Diviner

    Personality: Doesn't start conversation, but always jumps into any conversation that he comes across. Talks really quickly.

    Weapon: 2 orange katanas - Hits a foe 4 times, attacking for ATK damage.

    Staff: Healer's Rod - A generic healing staff.

    BP: Falcon Release - Revil goes on a mini-outrage and hits the enemy with the highest health for 6 times his normal damage and heals said damage to himself.

    Stats: 70 HP, 7 ATK, 6 DEF, 11 SPD. LVL: 12

    PumpkinPro (Nyan, female)

    Plant Partner: Frostbolt Shooter

    Class: Avenger

    Personality: Shy but is friendly. Always stutters while talking. Doesn't like taking risks.

    Weapon of Choice: Jalapeno Pistol - A single shot of precise pain.

    Staff: Healer'…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Note: This is WIP. Work In Progress.

    Starting Plant

    Second Stage

    (Max Level 30)

    Third Stage

    (Max Level 50)

    Level 10 + 200 coins Level 30 + 1000 coins
    Level 10 + 350 coins Level 30 + 1000 coins
    Level 30 + 1200 coins
    Level 10 + 500 coins Level 30 + 800 coins Read more >
  • BoltBlizard

    Rules for decks -

    Peashooters/Basic Zombies have a maximum of 10, where all other teammates besides superpowers have a maximum of 4.

    Remember - Along side neutral teammates and tricks, you can also bring alone your two types (E.G - Spudow can also use Guardian and Kabloom along side neutral stuff.)

    4 superpowers maximum, 3 you get to pick, and the other is your signature superpower.

    A maximum of 40 teammates can be used, pick carefully

    Enjoy making one!

    Here's an example of Super Brainz' deck.

    Superpower Group Type
    Carried Away Sneaky/Brainy
    Teleport Brainy
    Super Stench Sneaky
    Flick-a-Plant Neutral

    Teammate Group Type Count
    Papparazi Zombie Brainy 3
    Chimney Sweep Brainy 2
    Portal Technician Brainy 2
    Imp Commander Sneaky 4
    Smoke Bomb Sneaky 4
    Fishy Imp Sneaky…

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