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    July 17, 2017 by BoltBlizard

    You! Reading this! Whoever you are (which it's not really that important who you are anyway), thanks for stopping by. This blog is mainly a heads-up to those that - well, aparrently like to notice a pattern.

    So, today - I will be off at normal times, but I will NOT be back until much later. Roughly 2 hours later from my normal time, I will be back. For reference -

    This is normally.

    Time What happens
    7:30 I go offline
    16:30 I get back

    And here's what would likely happen.

    Time What happens
    7:30 I go offline
    18-19:00 I get back

    I reckon my timezone is UTC +1 or +2, sooo....

    Anyways, your welcome. Oh would you look at the time, 7:29! Gotta go!

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  • BoltBlizard

    Hey, ! If you do not know who I am, I somehow know who you are via the template! Magic, isn't it? But you're after the purpose of this blog, yes? Allow me to explain. It is June the 2nd in 2017 at the time I've typed those very words (or the 1st, depends on your timezone); and we have roughly 2 weeks and a half until set 2 drops. Now - I think it'd be a good idea to let people into my world. The art of the ninja mushroom. Enter... The Nightcap Dojo.

    Nightcap is one of the Plant heroes, with the and classes. This gives you access to any lane you want thanks to Smarty, and the ability to power up your plants in order to and anything out of your way with your Kabloom cards. Typically thought to only use Rush-Room decks (get it?), Nightcap's …

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  • BoltBlizard

    Name Plant/Zombie kind Class Used by
    Bucky Dess Pirate Captain Zombie Artillery LarryMoments
    Necroso Wizard Gargantuar Mage YammaYamer21
    Alwich Computer Scientist Medic PumpkinPro
    Eyesis Frostbolt Shooter Mage PrimalClash62
    Brian Flag Zombie Medic Vergel Nikolai
    Onric Chomper Fighter SansyBonkChoy

    Electro Pea

    Mage Fairy27
    Plush Stuffy Flower Medic CITRONtanker
    Zteven Imp (Garden Warfare 2) Artillery CaptainRustbolt21

    Name Fiction/Game of origin Class Used by
    Ix the Interloper Awesomenaughts Medic LarryMoments
    Chipie Super Chibi Knight Fighter YammaYamer21

    Plague Knight

    Shovel Knight Mage PumpkinPro
    Orisa Overwatch Artillery PrimalClash62
    Kindred League of Legends Fighter Vergel Nikolai
    Alphys Undertale Medic SansyBonkChoy
    Bandana Dee  Kirby Super Sta…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Dex Number (Overall) Dex Number (Island) Name Type(s) Possible Abilities Obtainability
    #001 #001 Bulbasaur


    Overgrow Starter
    #002 #002

    #003 #003

    #004 #004 Charmander Fire Blaze Starter
    #005 #005

    #006 #006

    #007 #007 Squirtle Water Torrent Starter
    #008 #008

    #009 #009

    #010 #010 Chikorita Grass Overgrow Starter
    #011 #011

    #012 #012

    #013 #013 Cyndaquil Fire Blaze Starter
    #014 #014 Quilava Fire Blaze Evolve Cyndaquil (Level 14)
    #015 #015

    #016 #016 Totodile Water Torrent Starter
    #017 #017

    #018 #018

    #019 #019 Treecko Grass Overgrow Starter
    #020 #20

    #021 #021

    #022 #022  Torchic Fire Blaze Starter
    #023 #023

    #024 #024

    #025 #025 Mudkip Water Torrent Starter
    #026 #026

    #027 #027

    #028 #028 Turtwig Grass Overgrow Starter
    #029 #029

    #030 #030

    #031 #031 Chimchar Fire Blaze Starte…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Name: Collain

    Plant: Cactus

    Skill: Willpowered - The attack stat of the Pokemon on the team cannot be lowered.

    Challenge Run: Randomizer

    Pokemon Type(s) Ability Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Level
    Serperior Grass Overgrow Tackle Vine Whip Growth Energy Ball 15
    Frogadier Water Torrent Bubble Lick Pound Scald 13
    Deino Dark/Dragon Hustle Tackle Focus Energy Bite Headbutt 16

    Name: Lavylin Lagartija

    Plant: Rotobaga

    Skill: Dragon's Scales: Dragon Type Pokemon will take 20% less damage from any attacks, and 50% less damage from dragon type attacks.

    Challenge Run: No

    Pokemon Type(s) Ability Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Level
    Charmander Fire Blaze Flamethrower Scratch Ember Smokescreen 15
    Misdreavus Ghost Levitate Confuse Ray Astonish Growl Mean Look 16

    Name: Irusio…

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