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Quiz Tournament Week 1-2 of PvZ

Welcome everybody! To the weekly 1-2 tournament!

Have Tickets already? You are a part of the tournament.

Use comments as answers.

Please note read my user page and you just need to watch Despicable Me on YouTube.

Expired Today.


  • Bronze Medal - 10 pts + $5
  • 10 Silver Coins - 14 pts + $50
  • 1 Gold Coin - 17 pts + $100
  • Silver Medal - 20 pts + $300
  • A Bronze Peashooter - 25 pts + $300
  • Statue of Flag Zombie - 38 pts + $545.
  • Bronze Trophy - $1000 or $670.
  • Bowling Nut - 50 pts.
  • Silver Grave - 53 pts + $944.

Questions (10 Questions)

  1. What is the first VIP Plant in PvZ Adventures? Prize: Bronze Medal
  2. What is the lastest plant you get in PvZ? Prize: Bronze Medal
  3. What Mini-game that is 2x faster? Prize: Gold Coin
  4. What program you use to hack PvZ (any kind of hacking program is ok)? Prize: 10 Silver Coins
  5. What is the sequel of Plants vs. Zombies? Prize: Bronze Peashooter
  6. How many platforms is PvZ released (number is answer)? Prize: Bowling Nut
  7. How many mods does Plants vs. Zombies has? Prize: Statue of Flag Zombie (see Insaniquarium Guide)
  8. What name of folder that has the body parts of plants and zombies? Prize: Bronze Trophy
  9. How many peashooting plants are in PvZ (including in PvZA and PvZ2:IAT)? Prize: Bronze Peashooter
  10. What are the plants that hide when zombies get close (all)? Prize: Silver Grave



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