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World Idea: Mongol Ages

Here's my world idea...

Mongol Ages

Description: It's the 1200s, and Zombie Mongols are on the rise! Do you have what it takes to crush the enemy?

25 Levels (Garg at level 8)

Brain Buster: Great Walls (Zombies can only be hurt after they advance past the walls, but there is no ceiling to these walls, so they are still vulnerable to certain plants)

Ambush: Trojan Horses! Zombies will come in riding a trojan horse, which deposits them on either of its sides.

Modifier: Power Tiles (Just like the ones in the Chinese level: Kung Fu World.) Endless Zone name: Brutal Barracks

New/Returning Plants: 

Avocado-Pult: Lobs Avocados at Zombies that do more damage than Cabbage-pult, but less than Pepper-Pult. Cost: 150 Sun

Vocaloid Snapdragon: MIKU WANTS IN PVZ! Hah heh. Anyway, the shots only travel in front of her, but she does more damage and has as much range as possible. Cost: 150 Sun

Cactus: Needs no introduction. Cost: 125 Sun

Umbrella Leaf: Works just like it would back in PVZ1. Cost: 75 Sun

Cherry Chain: Flings Cherries in a straight path, doing damage to and wrapping around Zombies, slowing them down. Cost: 225 Sun

Oleander: Shoots poisonous clouds at zombies, which stay around for 3 seconds. Cost: 175 Sun

Guardichoke - Functions just like the Pumpkin from PVZ1. Cost: 150 Sun

Spaz-Shroom (Premium Plant, for $2.99) - Reflects projectiles thrown at it back at Zombies. If it reflects a projectile that a Jester threw back, the Jester will not counter (We don't want an infinite loop, now do we?). Cost: 100 Sun


Mongol Zombie

Mongol Conehead

Mongol Buckethead

Mongol Flag Zombie

Edge Zombie: Can throw his blade like a boomerang.

Smoke Signal Zombie: Can summon more Zombies (Unless it is the final wave, and they are either regular, coneheaded or bucketheaded) to the field.

Cannon Zombie: Functions just like the first game's Catapult Zombie.

Commander Zombie: Will come in riding a Zombie Horse at first, and has a one-use sword that will instantly kill a plant. Once it uses this, it behaves like a Buckethead.

Zombie Horse: Commander Zombies come in riding these, but after a few hits, they get super pissed, rear up, drop off the Commander Zombie and proceed forward at an alarming rate.

Mongol Imp

Mongol Gargantuar

Zombot Sapphire Dracodon: Can destroy Power Tiles, and can also aim for specific plants. Other than that, it behaves just as you'd expect. It is actually a walker (like the bosses of the first 4 worlds) with a one-eyed dragon head, and a tail at its rear.

What do you think, and got any other ideas for this concept? Comment below. :)

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