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  • BlueEyesRobotDragon

    Here's my world idea...

    Mongol Ages

    Description: It's the 1200s, and Zombie Mongols are on the rise! Do you have what it takes to crush the enemy?

    25 Levels (Garg at level 8)

    Brain Buster: Great Walls (Zombies can only be hurt after they advance past the walls, but there is no ceiling to these walls, so they are still vulnerable to certain plants)

    Ambush: Trojan Horses! Zombies will come in riding a trojan horse, which deposits them on either of its sides.

    Modifier: Power Tiles (Just like the ones in the Chinese level: Kung Fu World.) Endless Zone name: Brutal Barracks

    New/Returning Plants: 

    Avocado-Pult: Lobs Avocados at Zombies that do more damage than Cabbage-pult, but less than Pepper-Pult. Cost: 150 Sun

    Vocaloid Snapdragon: MIKU WANTS IN PVZ! H…

    Read more >

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