Note that this won't be a 50 level game or anything (Nevermind). It'll be short and sweet, 10 levels at most. And it's pixelated because why not. And 8-Bit Zombie in Neon Mixtape Tour had no inspiration off this. I will take requests for plants, they don't have to be from the series, it can be fanon as well. Just don't make it super difficult to code.

Also note that the plants and zombies listed below (not in the gallery) are the only ones I'm using for sure.


Pixelated Peashooter - Just an average, bright colored Peashooter. Stats same as original Peashooter.

Pixelated Sunflower - Everyday, not everyday somehow blinking Sunflower with a bright, blocky smile. Stats same as original Sunflower.

Pixelated Wall-nut - Allergic to walnuts? Turn them into pixelness! Problem solved! Stats same as original Wall-nut.

Pixelated Snow Pea - A Peashooter...but snowier. And doesn't cost 3 bucks! Stats same as original Snow Pea.

Pixelated Potato Mine - Take a bite and meet a blocky doom! Stats same as original Potato Mine.

Pixelated Scare Pear - A strange pear that's only visible in 8-Bit, he's really good at scaring zombies back! Sun cost- 75. Recharge- Mediocre. Range- 1x2.

Pixelated Berrage - Another plant only visible in 8-Bit. This berry bush constantly attacks by rapidly firing berries until its target is defeated! Guess you can say, a barrage of berries. Sun cost- 175. Recharge- Fast. Range- Straight. Damage- Moderate.

Pixelated Cherry Bomb - EXPLODONATE! 8-Bit style. Stats same as original Cherry Bomb.

Pixelated Pomegrenade - Only seen in 8-Bit, Pomegrenade fires large explosives when tapped. Only works if zombies are far from it. Sun cost- 250. Recharge- Sluggish. Range- Lobbed. Damage- Heavy.

Pixelated Repeater - You wanted something? Sure, uh, wait, did you want something? Stats same as original Repeater.

Pixelated Gum-drop - He drops on zombies and gets them stuck on his goo! He's bought with coins by the way. Sun cost- 100. Recharge- Sluggish. Range- Touch. Damage- Massive. Bought for 500 coins (cheap, I know)

Deserted Desert

Pixelated Cabbage-pult - Pixelated cabbages that are lobbed past hills! Stats same as original Cabbage-pult.

Pixelated Iceburg Lettuce - Shiny pixels that makes things...stop...moving. Cool. Stats same as original Iceburg Lettuce.

Pixelated Chomper - Nom om. Stats same as original Chomper.

Pixelated Crab Apple - Snaps zombie when close, click it to turn it into a defensive plant, and vice versa.

Pixelated Kernel-pult - If you played the series before, I don't need to explain. Stats same as original Kernel-pult.

Pixelated Wrecking Blueberry (Credit for Lily8763cp for creating said plant) - Whacks zombies with its heavy ball. Makes zombies go to the lane below it when hit. If on the bottom row, the zombie is tossed off the lawn. Sun Cost- 300. Recharge- Mediocre. Range 1x4. Damage- Heavy.

Pixelated Snake Gourd (Credit for Squashcake for making said plant) - Spins around an area deflecting projectiles such as thrown rocks! Sun Cost- 100 sun. Recharge- Sluggish. Range 3x3.

Pixelated Melon-pult - Lobs melons and is overall a good plant. That is no opinion. Stats same as original Melon-pult.

Pixelated Cactus - Fires 8-bitty spikes through hills and hides when danger is near! Bought for 500 coins after World 1 is completed. Stats same as PvZ2 Cactus.

Graveyard Shift

Pixelated Puff-shroom - Too lazy to type descriptions for things that already exist. Stats same as PvZ2 Puff-shroom (timer is a tad longer)

Pixelated Sun-shroom - Who needs Sunflowers?! Stats same as PvZ2 Sun-shroom

Pixelated Winter Melon - Melon-pult, but cooler. He he he. Bought for 1000 coins after World 2 is completed. Stats same as Winter Melon.

Water (W.I.P Name)


Space (W.I.P Name)

??? and ???


Pixelated Zombie - Totally not from the 80s.

Pixelated Conehead Zombie - Crazy party last night, right?

Pixelated Buckethead Zombie - So, is that blood or paint? I sure hope it's the latter,

Pixelated Trash Can Zombie - Never seen this guy before. He thinks his disguise is genius, so when he stops moving, plants stop attacking him!

Pixelated Imp - He's too fast!

Pixelated Police Officer Zombie - Blows his whistle to summon a small wave of zombies! (don't worry, it's only like five)

Name Change

Due to the characters not actually being classified as 8-Bit (color limitations and such), I've renamed every plant and zombie as "Pixelated" It sounds cooler too! The plants and zombies in the gallery will not recieve a name change, as they're way too many at this point. And all requests will of course be labeled as "Pixelated".

Slowdown of Request

The game is being made as of now. Due to this, there will be a lack of requests taken care of, but I'll do some every once in a while.

Reason for Game Slowdown

I haven't done much with the game as of yet. I still want to make this, don't worry, it's just that I've been busy with school and playing other games (I LOVE UNDERTALE). I'll try to focus on this a bit more, sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring this.

A Decision

I don't care how long it takes me, I'll make another world after releasing a demo, which is the lawn.

Also, the amount of plants for each world is eight, Space will have twelve due to it being special.