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Alright, don't get your hopes up, I'm not making this, it's more of a blog to keep ideas I have or you have, and I'll mold them into a game that won't be made. Fair? Good. Don't take this too seriously please. Request stuff if you want to see a spooky plant.


Nightmare Primal Peashooter- Appears at right door, opposite of NPS.

Nightmare Primal Sunflower-  Appears at left door, opposite of NPP.

Nightmare Primal Potato Mine- Digs to multiple rooms, blow up cameras to disable them for an in-game hour. Can't kill you.

Nightmare Primal Wall-nut- Blocks view of player, whenever it's a camera or the door. Can't kill you.

Zomplush- Appears in office, if spending too long at the monitor, will rise slowly to kill you. Yes, this is a plant, it's a Hypno-shroom I guess.


Most of the features are within the monitors. There are a list of options (six) that the player can use sun to activate abilities, like the plants in PvZ. Sun is obatained in a camera every so often. List of features within the monitor:

Plant Food Bait: 50 sun, Lures a plant to the current camera.

Thyme Warp: 100 sun, Rewinds back an hour, but sends all threats back to their original spots, along with a stunning effect.

Snare Trap: 25 sun, A Spikeweed that acts as trap for the next plant to get near it (Think Spikeweed from GW)

Repair: 50 sun, fixes a camera affected from Primal Potato Mine.

Perfume-shroom: 75 sun, used on a camera with a dinosaur (Raptor or Stego) and affects plants. Sunlight: 250 sun, lights up the entire building, stunning every plant for a considerable time.

Sun Light: 250 sun, lights up the entire building, stunning every plant for a considerable amount of time.

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