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  • Blizzardblade

    1,000 Edits!

    September 29, 2015 by Blizzardblade

    I now have (over) 1,000 edits! UPDATE: now 1,500!

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  • Blizzardblade

    Pixelated PvZ

    September 26, 2015 by Blizzardblade

    Note that this won't be a 50 level game or anything (Nevermind). It'll be short and sweet, 10 levels at most. And it's pixelated because why not. And 8-Bit Zombie in Neon Mixtape Tour had no inspiration off this. I will take requests for plants, they don't have to be from the series, it can be fanon as well. Just don't make it super difficult to code.

    Also note that the plants and zombies listed below (not in the gallery) are the only ones I'm using for sure.

    Pixelated Peashooter - Just an average, bright colored Peashooter. Stats same as original Peashooter.

    Pixelated Sunflower - Everyday, not everyday somehow blinking Sunflower with a bright, blocky smile. Stats same as original Sunflower.

    Pixelated Wall-nut - Allergic to walnuts? Turn them …

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  • Blizzardblade

    Zombie Tiers

    September 26, 2015 by Blizzardblade

    So, this is a thing. 


    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. *insert smiley face here*

    Unlike the plant tiers, these are going to be more simple, in only three ranks is how they'll be ranked.

    0-Not an issue

    1-Annoying on specific situations

    2-NOPIN' THIS!

    Basic Zombie and variants- 0. *insert undetailed explanation here*

    Conehead Zombie and variants- 0. Woah, 20 extra health, I'm so scared.

    Buckethead Zombie and Variants- 1. Woah, an extra 55 hea- FIFTY FIVE?!

    Imp and variants- 0. Faster normal zombie. Eh

    Gargantuar and variants- 2. Come on, these first ones don't need explanation.

    Ra Zombie- 0. Never intimidated me at all, which is good.

    Camel Zombies- 0. Laser Bean and Fume-shroom say hi.


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  • Blizzardblade

    Plant Tiers

    September 14, 2015 by Blizzardblade

    So, I really like PvZ2. I'd just like to sum up all the plants (the only one I don't have is Jalapeno) in specific rankings. I'll try to be as unbiased as possible. This will take awhile.

    S- Excellent. A S rank plant is especially useful in many varied situations, and are easy to use.

    A- Great. An A rank plant is a good plant that does it's job exceptionally well, and has only a few minor flaws.

    B- Good. A B rank plant is fine and simple. They might not be amazing in Endless Zones, but they get their job done on normal levels.

    C- Average. A C rank plant is more or less only usable in a handful of situations. But they lack in terms of power or effectiveness.

    D- Below Average. A D rank plant is something that's pretty mediocre, and is only usable…

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  • Blizzardblade

    So, I....uh, this happened

    To be honest, I just kinda commented on the NMT, yeah. K that's all I got.

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