Okay, this is something I have wanted to get off my chest. First of all when I first joined this wiki I was attacked and bullied for my username. The one thing that provokes me the most is when people hear the word "black" they automatically assume "das racist" that is more annoying than racism itself especially because I am black in real life. I use this username on many websites and they have no problem. Number 2, I was blocked for a month without warning. On another wiki told me to change my occupation (which I did ) and there was no problem, people on wikis get month blocks for vandalizing and bullying, I didn't even know swearing isn't allowed. I get bullied from this wiki everytime I log on to the point where I wanted to kill myself, i try to be a nice person but im just hated by everything i encounter so I'm leaving forever, I know I'll get iP banned for saying this but I wanted to say it. I also know no one cares so bye.