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aka Birdstar

  • I live in a place
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Reaping souls :3
  • I am Male (gay)
  • Birdpool


    October 10, 2016 by Birdpool

    "can't spell 'success' without 'succ'!"

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  • Birdpool

    Don't be stupid.

    July 17, 2016 by Birdpool

    If you want to give me a nickname you can call me BP.

    That's it.

    Literally all anyone is allowed to use in the wiki. If you call me "Bird" then you're only proving your lack of literacy.

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  • Birdpool


    January 29, 2016 by Birdpool


    Spoilers ahead!

    Peashooter - peashooter (10)

    Sunflower - sunflower (9)

    Wall-nut - wallnut (7)

    Potato Mine - potatomine (10)

    Cabbage-pult - cabbagepult (11)

    Bloomerang - bloomerang (10)

    Iceberg Lettuce - iceburg (7)

    Grave Buster - gravebuster (11)

    Bonk Choy - bonkchoy (8)

    Repeater - repeater (8)

    Twin Sunflower - twinsunflower (13)

    Kernel-pult - kernelpult (12)

    Snapdragon - snapdragon (10)

    Spikeweed - spikeweed (9)

    Spring Bean - springbean (10)

    Coconut Cannon - coconutcannon (13)

    Threepeater - threepeater (11)

    Spikerock - spikerock (9)

    Cherry Bomb - cherry_bomb (11)

    Split Pea - splitpea (8)

    Chili Bean - chilibean (9)

    Pea Pod - peapod (6)

    Lightning Reed - lightningreed (13)

    Melon-pult - melonpult (9)

    Tall-nut - tallnut (7)

    Winter Melon - wintermelon (11)

    Laser Bean - laser_bean (10)


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  • Birdpool

    Very heavy WIP! The wave box is not even close to done, I suck at wikitext!

    In this post, I'll be posting mod ideas that are not typical hacks, usually dangerroom mods or level mods. Note that I'll be using codenames for most of the characters.

    • If an idea mods a level to have Jams, this doesn't necessarily mean there will be NMT zombies. However, some Arcade zombies may be allowed to appear, it's your choice, since I can't make these.
    • Assume these are all SeedBank levels, unless otherwise noted.
    • Assume these are levels, and not modified dangerrooms, unless otherwise noted.
    • Stuff like "L(number)C(number)" mean a location. L=Lane, which is CANONICALLY horizontal. C=Column, which is CANONICALLY vertical.
      • Lanes are counted top-to-bottom.
      • Columns are …

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  • Birdpool

    Model Requests.

    December 30, 2015 by Birdpool

    I can do 3D model requests with Kneaded Eraser, if anyone cares or is interested.


    • I can't do Gargantuars. I simply don't have enough material and could barely make Jurassic Bully.
    • I will mostly do plants. I can do zombies but still prefer plants, zombies typically don't turn out too good :o
    • It can take anywhere from 1hr to a week to get the photo up. Maybe longer, I've been getting less and less computer thyme, lately.
    • I will do PvZ2 if you don't specify.
      • I can do PvZ1, PvZ2, OR PvZA. If you want, I can do all three.

    Examples I can post at the moment are Sap-fling and Jurassic Fossilhead.

    • Potato Mine
    • Primal Potato Mine
    • Primal Peashooter
    • Shrinking Violet
    • Lily Pad
    • Hot Potato (yes, I stoop to that level of basicness. You don't know, it could …

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