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Roman Ages

I have an idea for a world in PVZ 2.

Serouisly this is the only name I thought was good.

Plants are Sword weed,Water pool,and Ice-Nut

Sword weed

Special:Puts a sword in the first zombie it meets


Water pool

Special:Instantly kills a zombie



Health:Undying(cannot die from being eaten


Zombies..Umm too much too say

Greek Zombie

Regular greek speaking zombie

Conehead Greek Zombie

His greek cone gives him the health of two zombies

Buckethead Greek Zombie

His carved bucket provides him amazing protection

Centurion Zombie

The zombie of the brain sword

Special:Can do lots of damage



Devil Imp

Thrown past most of your defenses,then torchers on foot

Roman Ages Gargantuar

Huge zombie that will bring the piller down

Angel Zombie

Special:Will come down hanging from the sky and shoots your plants



Sculpter Zombie 

Special:Appears in the "Avalanche!" ambush


The ambush is called "Avalanche!".Greek pillers will fall crushing any plant or zombie that is in its lane.It can summon Sculpture Zombies.

Hope you liked it!

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